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Summer 2020: The Latest Trends in Esports

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We all know esports is one of the fastest-growing areas in the gaming industry. This year, we saw a significant increase in the global interest of esports. Likewise, we’ll be focusing on some of the latest Esports trends happening this year, specifically in the last few months. We have given a brief analysis of all these latest Esports trends right below:

All the Latest Significant Trends in Esports:

The Effect of Online Streaming Platforms and Mobile Gaming on Esports

Online streaming platforms like YouTube and Twitch have had a great effect on esports. Countless streamers, including the most famous ones such as Shroud, and Ninja moved to esports for their gaming career.

These online platforms have also done a great deal to help players develop an interest in esports, especially during the days of lockdown. Players who had no idea about what esports is, have developed an interest in it. This year, mobile gaming has done a lot for esports as well. A great example of this is the great success of PUBG mobile in the esports department. The game has allowed a great number of players to develop an interest in competitive gaming, and esports in particular.

Global Pandemic’s Effect on Esports

It has been seen that due to COVID, almost all physical sports events were banned. Gaming, on the other hand, has been blessed with a gradual increase. Along with the increase of views in gaming streams, plenty of people have turned their eyes towards esports.

In a recent report done by Newzoo, it was revealed that global esports will generate an estimate of $973.9 million. What’s more, is that esports should earn as much as $1194.8 million in 2021. One can even say that COVID-19 has had a very promising effect on esports.

Regional vs International Digital Events

Claims have been made that regional events should bring in more for esports compared to international events digitally. To some extent, such changes could really bring in better results for esports. For instance, the difference in time-zones along with varying connection speed could really affect the integrity of the tournament.

This is why having regional tournaments are so much more important now. Especially with esports taking the digital route, it is crucial to consider all the factors that could affect the growth of esports. We also have to take into account the considerable growth of mobile competitive gaming this year. With the addition of this newer platform to esports, it is very important to take the right steps for esports to progress even further in the digital world.

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