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Super/Natural at the Natural History Museum

by Chris Im

National Geographic recently hosted a screening of the debut episode of Super/Natural at the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles. Attendees of the screening were also provided an exclusive opportunity to explore the Natural History Museum’s Nature Lab to learn about the local animals that live throughout Los Angeles County, including bugs, reptiles, amphibians, birds, plants, and mammals. Guests were able to experience what snakes see in thermal vision, how certain animals were introduced into Los Angeles, and how other animals had been all but wiped out due to habitat loss and invasive species. A staff member also brought out a one eyed western screech owl named Odin who had been rehabilitated after a car accident. As an avid animal lover, I was unaware and shocked at the level of biodiversity within LA County. 


Thanks again for a great time @National Geographic Their new show #SuperNaturalSeries is available on #DisneyPlus If you love #BenedictCumberbatch then you’ll love him as the narrator

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National Geographic has long been known for its consistent awe-inspiring coverage of animals in their natural habitat, giving humans the opportunity to gain insight on the many creatures and living organisms that we share this world with. With its latest release of Super/Natural, executively produced by James Cameron and voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch, National Geographic has hit the mark once more. Being one of the lucky individuals to have received access to the screening event, I was able to witness incredible intimate details of how the living organisms on this Earth have evolved to develop abilities and partnerships with other living organisms that seem otherworldly.

While many people may think they know the animals that show up in each episode, Super/Natural differentiates itself by providing never-before seen footage of these creatures and their spectacular abilities. Ranging from sugar gliders to fireflies to even unassuming trees, Super/Natural reveals secret powers and relationships that stirs a feeling of awe and connectedness.

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