What’s Love Got to Do With It: Meet Director Shekhar Kapur & Actor Shazad Latif

by Irfan Ahmed

Director Shekhar Kapur and actor Shazad Latif recently spoke to Dorkaholics about their new film What’s Love Got to Do With It? and how it counters some of the stereotypes surrounding South Asian representation in the West.

Kapur discussed the ways in which the film counters stereotypes by creating authentic characters that resonate with audiences. He encouraged the actors not to play into the confines of romantic comedies or the expectations surrounding Muslims, but rather to reveal their hearts and true selves. Kapur believes that by doing so, audiences will see the characters as real and not just caricatures.

The director also spoke about the importance of family and the universal need for connection and love. He wanted to create a film that would allow people to identify with the idea of family and the need to be close to loved ones. Kapur did not try to appease a larger audience, but rather aimed to make the characters more real and heart-oriented, believing that people are all in search of love and intimacy.

Latif, who plays the lead in the film, discussed his experience working with Kapur and the rest of the cast. He found Kapur’s direction to be very collaborative, allowing the actors to have a say in their characters’ development. He also noted that the cast had a workshop prior to filming, which allowed them to develop their characters and build a connection with one another.

Both Kapur and Latif expressed their desire for the film to be seen as authentic and relatable. Kapur spoke about the importance of not just portraying characters for the sake of representation, but rather creating real and honest characters that people can connect with. Latif echoed this sentiment, saying that he hopes the film will help to break down some of the stereotypes surrounding South Asian representation in the West.

Overall, What’s Love Got to Do With It? aims to create a more authentic and relatable portrayal of South Asian characters in the West. Through the creation of real and honest characters, the film hopes to counter some of the stereotypes and caricatures that have been perpetuated in the media.

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