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Reginald the Vampire Season 2: Meet Savannah Basley (Angela)

by Neil Bui

In a reunion with Savannah Basley, we get a glimpse into both her personal journey and the evolving narrative of her character, Angela, in the intriguing second season of Reginald the Vampire. Speaking to Dorkaholics, Basley delves into her ‘dorky’ past, reflects on Angela’s growth from a solitary vampiric chieftain to a more relatable, team-oriented figure, and teases the thrilling twists ahead. With discussions ranging from magic to vulnerabilities, Basley’s insights promise a season filled with dark, complex, and angelic moments.

Neil Bui: What made you a dork growing up?

Savannah Basley: So many things. What didn’t make me a dork? Um, I guess, I mean, at the time I was a drama kid and I was in band. A lot of people don’t know this about me, but I was also in Sea Cadets, so that probably definitely added me to the dork list.

Neil Bui: From sea cadet to vampirist, what is it, chieftain?

Savannah Basley: Yeah, exactly.

Neil Bui: What can you tell us about your character this season? What’s going on?

Savannah Basley: Season one, we definitely got to see a little bit of the harder side of Angela. She was in her queen tings. By the end of season one, Angela kind of warmed up slightly to the idea of Reginald and Maurice. I think they definitely reminded her of some human elements that she had long forgotten and pushed away. And I think that’s also why she was so aggressively against them in the first season. You even saw it in the episode with Maurice and his mother. She genuinely didn’t quite understand why he was so angry with her over turning her, his mom, and then killing her. She didn’t really quite understand that because it had been such a long time since she’d been a human that she was like, ‘but this makes sense.’ And, they kind of brought more of a human aspect back into Angela. And by the time season two comes around, she’s reluctant, very reluctant, but has kind of figured out that things are actually a little bit easier when you have a team and like people around you that are like you. And it’s a little bit easier when it’s not you versus the world.

Catch Savannah on Reginald the Vampire on SYFY, new episodes on Wednesday nights.

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