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Among The Stars: Travel with NASA Astronauts on Disney+

by Neil Bui

Among the Stars humanizes astronauts and the people who work alongside them in order to ensure the success of their space mission. But make no mistake, this isn’t sci-fi, it’s real science.

The six-part docuseries premiered on Disney+ on Oct. 6th. Each episode runs between 40 to 52 minutes and brings you along for every step of the journey to and from the International Space Station.

Through the experiences of astronauts such as Chris Cassidy and Luca Parmitano, viewers are shown the balance of beauty in space as well as the intimidating experiences that these extraordinary men and women face hundreds of miles above Earth.

At the same time, the collaboration between different countries shows that the space race is truly over, and what exists now is a space team effort. This is no longer about who gets there first, but instead, a matter of what the world can achieve in unison in order to advance the betterment of society as a whole.

Two stories that stood out were astronaut Drew Morgan and scientist Samuel Ting. Morgan’s lifelong fascination with space exploration evolved throughout his life from being inspired by astronauts, aspiring to be one himself, and now inspiring others. Dr. Ting’s conviction and passion reflect an intensity that is both frustrating as well as admirable.

Disney+ subscribers are also given insight from those on the ground level who help bring these astronauts into the vast and endless world of space. These experts include Heather Bergman, AMS spacewalk tools manager at NASA who leads a team dedicated to creating spacewalk tools, and Emily Nelson, the 10th female flight director at NASA.

All these stories in Among the Stars work to highlight what it takes to pursue an understanding of the universe, seek out our origins, and find out where we came from.

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