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The Cleaning Lady: JB Tadena Joins Season 3 Cast as Recurring Character

by Neil Bui

JB Tadena (Kung Fu) is set to captivate audiences as he joins the cast of The Cleaning Lady for Season 3 as a recurring character by the name of Paolo Belleza, bringing his charm and talent to the series.

In this upcoming third season of The Cleaning Lady, the narrative intensifies as it ups the stakes with Armen’s whereabouts being unknown and Thony facing the daunting task of bringing Fiona back to the US after she was deported to the Philippines. As Thony grapples with the sudden upheaval in her life, being completely alone, her relentless fight to protect her family pushes her to take steps that form a new alliance with a dangerous Cartel.

JB’s character, Paolo, is described as “fun-loving and charming with a breezy sense of humor and sexy confidence.” His character is the owner and operator of a Turo Turo food stall in Manila. Turo Turo means point point, which is a reference to how these food stalls are similar to the hawker centers in Singapore or street food stalls in Thailand, where customers simply point to the dish they want to order. Paolo is a beloved member of his community and has an intimate connection with the De La Rosa family.

The third season of The Cleaning Lady is set to premiere on March 5, 2024 at 8pm on Fox. For those who need to catch up or even refresh on the series, the first two seasons are currently available on Max. With just a month left until the premiere of season 3 and the introduction of Paolo Belleza played by JB Tadena, now is a perfect chance for fans and newcomers alike to delve into the intricate world of The Cleaning Lady.

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