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Review: Diablo III: Eternal Collection for Nintendo Switch

by Lethbridge College

Diablo III is a third-person action role-playing game. Although the dated gameplay graphics and general game style aren’t appealing to many, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

While it feels similar to World of Warcraft (WoW), another popular game from Blizzard Entertainment, this experience is more relaxing, and much less intense. The fact that this game was ported for the Nintendo Switch console is probably one of the biggest reasons why I like the game. Being able to play whenever and wherever, is amazing and truly suits this game. I found myself playing at almost every waking moment for a while as it was just so convenient and easy.

The game starts with the option to pick your class from seven different options. I decided to go for the witch doctor and I wasn’t disappointed. You spawn in with a very lame set of armor and one spam-able ability. Right away, you’re met with beautiful cut scenes easily pushing the limits of the Switch. Then you’re thrown into fast paced game play with huge swarms of monsters trying to kill you.

I played on normal difficulty and the enemies were laughably weak. Enemies I faced were usually dead in under five seconds even the bosses with my overpowered build. For those of you looking for a challenge I highly recommend playing on a higher difficulty. However, if mindlessly spamming combos to wipe out hundreds of enemies while binging a show is more your cup of tea than normal mode is a fun place to start.

The main storyline is fun and fast with two major bosses and lots of mini bosses along the way. It took me around 20 to 50 casual hours to complete which went by very fast. For each quest you power through, your character gets that much stronger and cooler. One of the main driving forces of never wanting to put this game down is the awesome armor assets in the game. Your character goes from looking like someone of very low class in the 1600s to a fashionista monster-killing badass in 20 levels. Diablo III keeps getting better as you advance. There are cooler monsters, bigger bosses and larger swarms with each quest. You can’t help but feel sad when you see those end credits roll. However, just when your tears start to well up the game says “more to find in a new mode.” I can’t wait to make my character that much cooler and I hope you can’t wait to get started.

Written by Kieran Carter, Lethbridge College

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