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Attack of the Doc! Meet Chris Gore

by Neil Bui

Ahead of the world premiere of Attack of the Doc!, Dorkaholics spoke with film critic and on-air personality Chris Gore about his directorial debut that addresses unanswered questions about the cancellation of G4TV and Attack of the Show!.

About Attack of the Doc!

Prolific author, film critic, founder of Film Threat, regular on-air personality for G4TV’s Attack of the Show, and beloved comic con staple, Chris Gore makes his directorial debut with Attack of the Doc! The documentary addresses all the questions left unanswered by the cancellation of G4TV and Attack of the Show! Perfectly timed to the 21st anniversary of G4TV this year. G4TV’s Attack of the Show! was a birthplace for nerd culture on broadcast TV and where audiences watched the careers of the show’s hosts Olivia Munn and Kevin Pereira begin their ascent. Attack of the Doc! will be available through Indie Rights for audiences across all TVOD/Digital platforms and Video On Demand throughout North America on April 24th, 2023, which is the 21st Anniversary of the launch of G4TV.

Attack of the Doc! Synopsis:
Before the rise of big tech, social media and Marvel movies, Attack of the Show! chronicled nerd culture’s unlikely acceptance as mainstream. G4TV’s flagship show launched the careers of hosts Olivia Munn and Kevin Pereira and was beloved by fans – a unique celebration of geek culture before it was cool. Diving into colossal cream pies, wearing fat suits for comedy and putting internet servers where the sun don’t shine – anything could happen on an episode of Attack of the Show! It’s been years since the show went off the air and one question has lingered: what really happened to G4TV and Attack of the Show? Enter Attack Of The Doc! — the new film written and directed by Chris Gore, promises to answer one of pop culture’s longest running mysteries.

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