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The Boys Season 4: Meet Erin Moriarty, Karen Fukuhara & Claudia Doumit (Starlight, Kimiko, Neuman)

by Neil Bui

Leading up to the premiere of season four of the hit comic book series live-action adaptation The Boys, Dorkaholics was invited to speak with some of the leading ladies on the show, Erin Moriarty (Annie January/Starlight), Karen Fukuhara (Kimiko), and Claudia Doumit (Victoria Neuman).

Neil Bui: What a journey we’ve been on with The Boys entering Season 4. Can you start off by talking about where your characters started in Season 1 and Season 2, and where they’re headed in Season 4 now?

Karen Fukuhara: In season one, she is literally trapped in a cage. Oh my gosh, a physical cage and an emotional cage. We see her grow and grow into this real human being. She’s mostly creature-like at the beginning and then she’s slowly becoming this woman over the years.

Erin Moriarty: Yeah, you are. -cracks a smile-

Karen Fukuhara: Yes, I am. -laughs- Goofy hour is hitting. Yeah, that is the glow up.

Erin Moriarty: …is real. It’s cool to see you stepping into yourself as like even as a romantic potential partner to someone, like stepping into your physicality. It’s really wild to see the contrast in retrospect because I had no idea in season one where it was going. And it’s overwhelming to look back on it as it is sometimes with life in general, but especially in this universe. It’s a lot but it’s really cool. It’s a very rich opportunity as an actor to display such a broad spectrum of emotions and situations and literal positions. It’s just been quite a ride and just a juicy opportunity, that’s kind of how I look at it first and foremost. But she’s basically gone from one end of the spectrum to the other in terms of how sheltered she is and how naive she is versus how informed she is. But her strength has just been increasing as we go on, which is really cool to see.

Claudia Doumit: I think Neuman very much began operating in the shadows. She’s come more and more out into the forefront and into the light. And there’s such danger in that. This season is kind of the exploration of that line, just teetering on that line in many parts of her persona. Just facing a lot of internal battles that come to the surface for her, a lot of secrecy, in that shame and a lot of things just coming to the surface for Neuman that have been heavily buried for the past two seasons.

Catch The Boys Season 4 on Prime Video with the first three episodes debuting on June 13, 2024.

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