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Meet a Dork: Geoff Johns and Gary Frank, Doomsday Clock Team

by DC Nation

The first-ever crossover between the DC Universe and characters from Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ classic WATCHMEN has been an epic event to watch unfold. Geoff Johns reunited with his longtime artistic partner Gary Frank for DOOMSDAY CLOCK, a 12-issue limited series. This story brings Superman into the orbit of Dr. Manhattan, WATCHMEN’s godlike being who may be responsible for changing the life and history of every DC hero and villain.

“The DC Universe confronted the legacy of WATCHMEN in REBIRTH the way WATCHMEN confronted the legacy of superhero comics three decades ago,” explains writer Geoff Johns. “Thematically, and metaphorically, there was no better choice than to use Dr. Manhattan. If you’re going to have a conflict between optimism and pessimism, a battle between the very forces of hope and despair, you need to have someone who personifies the cynicism that has leaked into our hearts, and who also has the ability to affect the entire DCU. It’s all paying off with DOOMSDAY CLOCK.”

“DOOMSDAY CLOCK is a story for fans who love the DC Universe and WATCHMEN and wants to see what a master of this genre creates when he puts them together,” says Frank. “As for my artistic approach to the series, each panel is extremely detailed, and I am constantly thinking through the position of every single element.”

“Just the idea of Superman talking to Dr. Manhattan gets me excited,” Johns says.” What does that look like? Their ideologies are so vastly different, and the circumstances we put them in are very interesting. And there are a hundred layers to this book. Gary Frank is putting everything he’s got into it, and we’re very excited for people to see it. Superman and Dr. Manhattan are the tip of the iceberg. We know we have all these rules, but we’ve got to break a few rules to tell the best story. And I think it’s going to do more than people think, and be different than people think. I hope it surprises people in a really good way.”

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