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Eggtronic Sirius 65W is the World’s Smallest USB-C Charger

by Neil Bui

The Sirius 65W Universal Laptop Charger by Eggtronic lives up to its reputation as the world’s smallest USB-C charger for not only laptops but other electronics in the daily Dorkaholics arsenal.

UPDATE: Additional research into the technology within the Sirius Charger revealed that it includes Navitas GaNFast power ICs within the proprietary EcoVoltas technology to create an efficient power-dense charger.

Back in January, when I wanted to get out of town for a weekend, I knew my destressing trip would require me to pack light and luckily the Eggtronic Sirius charger was the perfect complement to my devices – my MacBook Pro for work, Nintendo Switch for leisure, and GoPro Hero 5 to capture high-quality footage at a moment’s notice. The charger is seriously smaller than a deck of playing cards and could probably fit in a pack of cigarettes if I had any available for comparison. I love Apple but if there’s one thing that they could work on it would be chargers as simply designed and lightweight as what Eggtronic has achieved with the Sirius 65W Universal Laptop Charger.

Not only is it easy-to-carry, but its outlet plug prongs also fold horizontally allowing it to fit into the most awkward, tight angles while not damaging items in your bag. It comes with a six-foot USB-C cable that’s able to reach from any wall to a coffee shop table or your bed for the night. This was designed to make your life more convenient with its portability and adaptability.

This quarantine period will eventually be over and you’ll be able to travel freely again, so do yourself a favor and order your own Sirius 65W Universal Laptop Charger. Here’s a code to receive 15% off your purchase on Eggtronic.com – eggDorkaholics2020. It comes in white or black, and while I only had the black version, the white edition is just as sleek and elegant. You can’t go wrong with choosing over the other, as both come with the same pristine Italian design.

For more about the Sirius 65W Universal Laptop Charger, read here.

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