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How Virtual Reality Has Taken Over the World Part 1


Virtual Reality, or VR for short, is a form of gameplay that completely immerses the player. In order to experience it, the user has to put on a headset that rests over their eyes, which places a screen right in front of the user. The screen wraps around the field of vision of the user to give a sense of “living” in the game. Virtual Reality is a way of experiencing a fictional world and a way for escaping reality. It truly makes you feel like you’re thrust into a situation physically, mentally, and emotionally.

With the sudden uprising in Virtual Reality gaming, many game manufacturers started competing for the spotlight. Here is a list of 10 VR games that have gained popularity since the outbreak of COVID-19 began.

10 VR Games That Have Gained Popularity:

1. Star Wars: Squadrons (PC, PS VR)

Squadrons is a dogfight game where you can choose your side to protect: the light side or the dark side. Your selection will give your character a different path, with two separate storylines. (Daniel C.)

2. Beat Saber (Oculus Rift; Quest; PS VR; HTC Vive)

A music rhythm game where you cut the color blocks with your matching color saber to the beat. Play to the beat of your favorite songs while dodging obstacles! (Esli F.)

3. Trover Saves the Universe (Oculus Quest, PS VR)

It’s a single-player, story mode game with different outcomes, where you travel around the universe with Trover collecting power babies to defeat the final boss. This game is rated M for Mature, and it is made by the same creators of Rick and Morty. (Esli F.)

4. Moss (Oculus Rift; Quest; PS VR; HTC Vive)

You play as a “guide” for the little mouse Quill on her quest, you both work as a team to help her solve puzzles and defeat enemies to reach the end of the story. Although she does speak during cutscenes as the story progresses, she also communicates to the player via ASL (American Sign Language) during gameplay and can give hints along the way. (Elizabeth Y.)

5. SUPERHOT VR (Oculus Rift; PS VR; HTC Vive)

In this action game, everything is in slow motion but time will move when you move. You are in a room, outnumbered and outgunned. Your goal is to snatch weapons from fallen enemies and dodge their attacks, so you need to think about your next move before you move a lot. Be careful because this game makes you move and there are times where my friends move up close to the TV. (Esli F.)

6. Half-Life: Alyx (Steam VR, HTC Vive, Oculus Quest)

This game is set in between the events of the first Half-Life and Half-Life 2. You are a founder of the resistance in a city under the rule of invaders. (Daniel C.)

7. Five Nights at Freddy’s VR (PS VR; HTC Vive)

FNaF VR is a game where you’re a nightguard surviving a graveyard shift in a pizzeria with haunted animatronics. This game always lives up the hype making me want to play more of it! (Jesus G.)

8. VRChat[Oculus Rift; Quest; PS VR; HTC Vive]/Rec Room[PS VR, PC, Oculus Quest, iOS 12.0 and up, Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X]

VRChat is a social game where people can make different worlds for others to hang out. You are able to create custom avatars through different modeling programs and go, or make anything you can dream of. This is an 18+ recommended game. Crude language and sexual content are fairly common  (Elizabeth Y.)

Rec Room is an online VR video game where you can play games, make friends, explore/create games, customize your room, and style your character. The game also lets you create your own games too. This game helped me connect and meet new people while I was in quarantine (Esli F.)

9. ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission (PS VR)

Can only be played on PS VR only because it’s exclusive to that console only. It’s a fun, kid-friendly game. It’s like playing Super Mario but in VR. You take control over the captain BOT and help him find his fellow bots and collect ship parts to rebuild the ship. There are boss battles and many levels to complete. (Esli F. )

10. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes (Oculus Rift; Oculus Go; Gear VR; PS VR; HTC Vive)

It’s a two-player game where only one person sees a bomb and the other player sees the instruction manual. The game requires lots of teamwork and communication in order to defuse the bomb. How well do you work under pressure? Can you stay calm while to bomb in slowly counting down and intense music playing in the background? (Esli F. )

Stay tuned for Part 2! Let us know in the comments below which VR games you’ve played and which ones you can’t wait to try!

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