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Hogwarts Legacy: Everything You Want to Know

by Lethbridge College

Witches, wizards, flying and spells – how can you say no to Hogwarts Legacy? This review will tell you everything you will want to know.


Fans of the Harry Potter Franchise have been waiting years for an open-world RPG Harry Potter game. Something that lets us immerse ourselves in the world of Harry Potter. This month, we have one and many are excited and can’t wait to try it out. “I am very excited about the game,” Nathen Twist said. “I really liked the movies, so I can’t wait to get the game and play it.” So far, it seems like it is almost what we need. It has great graphics and brings the world to life, especially Hogwarts, as they put a lot of details into the famous school. It has a character builder that is good but simple and it lets you put your personality into your character. Harry Potter fans will be happy that they can play a student at Hogwarts and use a variety of spells and fight recognizable enemies. However, for someone who isn’t a big fan of the series, they might be a little disappointed at the fighting mechanics for being a little simple or may feel it is too easy.

Is it a Good RPG?

The big question is how Hogwarts Legacy competes with other great RPGs. The biggest upside to the game is being in the Harry Potter world. You can explore the huge Hogwarts school or visit the forbidden forest. There are many areas to go to and many side missions. The main story missions and side quests are good and introduce some cool characters, but some quests feel a little simple like a big tutorial. Obviously, people want to know the mechanics. The fighting is okay but can get a little boring with the same enemies. With very few changes in fighting style, it gets a little repetitive. The spells you have are awesome, since there are a lot of different ones that do different things which lead to cool puzzles and battle styles. You won’t be unsatisfied with casting spells; it is the coolest part of the game. The combat is simple and feels old in a way since you dodge or parry and cast spells to get rid of enemy shields and health. “I like the game but the combat is basic,” Jonathan Peter said. “Every enemy feels the same and I don’t know if it will get harder later in the game. I hope it does.”

You can ride a broomstick which you can slowly make better or turn into an animal like a griffin. The armor system is very simple as well. You are able to brew potions which are cool but you have to wait in real time for it to brew so it takes too much time. Another great thing is that you meet people that can be your friends and can decide how you talk to them.

Good story

The story is very good, and there is a cool spin to your character which I won’t spoil because you learn more and more as you play.  It is set in the 1800s, so there are no characters from the movies, which can be a good and bad thing, depending on your personal preference. You do meet similar characters like house elves or goblins. Each character you meet seems unique and interesting and helps you to immerse yourself in the game and keep playing.


This game isn’t for everyone. People that don’t like Harry Potter should stay away. If you’re a fan, but don’t care a lot about the movies then you might want to try it, but it won’t be as satisfying, and you might get bored or underwhelmed. This is nothing like Elden Ring. If you love Harry Potter, then you have to try out the game. The amount of joy from getting your own wand and being put in your house is unexplainable. Using spells and walking the halls of Hogwarts and flying on a broomstick is amazing and is the coolest experience I have had in a long time. With everyone talking about Hogwarts Legacy and it already being 56% higher grossing than Elden Ring it is going to be a contender for best game of the year if not of all time.

Written by Mathew McDonald, Lethbridge College

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