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How I Met Your Father: Exploring the Optimism & Evolution of Suraj Sharma’s Character Sid

by Neil Bui

At Dorkaholics, we celebrate the dork in everyone, encouraging individuals to embrace their unique qualities and share them with the world. Recently, we had the pleasure of interviewing Suraj Sharma, a talented actor who portrays the character Sid in the hit series How I Met Your Father. In our conversation, Suraj shed light on the reasons he loves his character, Sid’s evolution throughout the show, and what fans can expect in the upcoming episodes. Let’s delve into the fascinating insights shared by Suraj and explore the optimism and growth of Sid.

A Beacon of Optimism

When asked about what he loves most about his character, Suraj immediately highlighted Sid’s unwavering optimism. While Suraj considers himself an optimistic person, he acknowledges that Sid takes positivity to another level. The character’s relentless hope and positive outlook on life have even served as a source of inspiration for Suraj himself. Sid’s innate goodness, his role as a loyal friend, and his successful relationship with his wife make him a genuinely likable character.

Relating to the Journey

During the interview, I shared my personal connection to Sid’s journey. As a creator working on Dorkaholics, I pursued my passion despite familial expectations for a traditional career path. Suraj empathized with me, emphasizing the importance of following one’s heart and doing what feels right, even if it doesn’t align with societal expectations. Sid’s journey represents the triumph of individuality and staying true to oneself.

What to Expect

With How I Met Your Father currently on a mid-season break, fans eagerly anticipate the show’s return on May 23rd. According to Suraj, viewers can look forward to exciting twists and surprises in the second half of the season. As the cast and crew hit their stride during the production, Suraj expressed his excitement about the quality of the scripts and the collaborative atmosphere on set. The smooth and exploratory nature of the production process promises an entertaining and engaging continuation of the storylines.

Memorable Moments

Suraj fondly recollected numerous memorable moments from working on the show, ranging from the unconventional, like a scene involving long-distance sex with a radio, to hilarious instances like the Jenga scene in the first episode. The camaraderie among the cast and crew, as well as the contrast between light-hearted and poignant moments, added depth and authenticity to the show. Suraj emphasized how each episode brought its own unique blend of fun, craziness, and genuine emotions, making the experience truly special.

Capturing the Essence of Friendship in the Big City

How I Met Your Father successfully captures the essence of a classic concept—an eclectic group of friends navigating life in the bustling metropolis. Suraj believes that the show’s ability to draw from real-life experiences and evoke relatable emotions contributes to its enduring popularity. By exploring the funny, convoluted, and often confusing aspects of life in one’s thirties, coupled with the unique backdrop of New York City, the show strikes a chord with audiences. Suraj emphasizes the importance of the show’s honesty and its portrayal of personal growth and the ever-changing dynamics of friendships.

The Evolution of Sid

Reflecting on Sid’s evolution from the first episode of season one to the ongoing season two, Suraj Sharma highlighted the significant changes in his character’s life. Sid has achieved stability, both in his personal and professional spheres, allowing him to focus on his friendships and embrace the unpredictable experiences that come his way. As Sid’s life progresses, Suraj tantalizingly suggests that surprises and challenges in season two might create exciting new directions for the character in the future.


The portrayal of Sid by Suraj Sharma in How I Met Your Father brings a vibrant optimism and relatability to the series. Sid’s unwavering positive outlook, along with the show’s honest exploration of friendships and personal growth, resonates with audiences. As the second half of the season approaches, fans can eagerly anticipate unexpected plot twists and the further evolution of Sid’s character. Suraj’s enthusiastic portrayal of Sid and his dedication to bringing the character to life make How I Met Your Father a must-watch series for fans and dorks alike.

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