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How My Microsoft Account Got Hacked Playing Minecraft

by College and Career Advantage

About a week ago, I woke up before school to play some Minecraft Hypixel Skyblock.

I decided to do some dungeons and saw this guy that had a dungeon description as “join vc” which means that you were going to join a discord call with a team of 5 people. After I joined the discord server, I was asked to verify my identity by confirming a verification code sent to my email. I checked my email and provided that code, thinking it was a random code that would be used to verify my account on the discord server. He then used that to change my Microsoft ID’s primary email alias to his email. He also changed my password to the account as well and took over my account.

My Dad and I tried reaching out to the Microsoft support team but they said that they couldn’t get the account back and had to permanently ban it to stop the hacker who has since transferred most of my stuff in Minecraft to his main account. I was very devastated because I’ve had this account for over 10 years.

At this point, I know that I’ve lost a lot, but I still really want to get my account back.

I am currently trying to reach out to friends of friends to see if there is anyone that works at Microsoft who works in a higher division than the Microsoft support team.

I guess the only takeaway from this is that I need to learn how to be more careful with what information I give to random people on the internet, and I hope that I can get my account back.

By Mateo Galitzen, Laguna Beach High School, Class of 2025

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Anonymous May 4, 2024 - 12:29 pm

dude i just experienced a similar thing, was there any improvements?


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