DORKAHOLICS is looking for heroes to join them this semester for an internship in brand development. Desired abilities for the party members include passion,  resourcefulness, and fearlessness.

DORKAHOLICS' Jimmy Olsen tries to get a word from R2-D2. Photo by Neil Bui.

DORKAHOLICS’ Jimmy Olsen tries to get a word from R2-D2. Photo by Neil Bui.

What You Will Get to Do

At the beginning of the internship, you will be introduced to the DORKAHOLICS brand and process to gain exposure to how we develop our content, utilize social media, reach out to industry professionals, pre- and post-production of videos, and more.

Once you’ve had an opportunity to see how things work around here, you get to decide on one or two key roles for the rest of your time with us.


Interns will be expected to produce at least two pieces of content each week, and work on at least two videos by the end of the internship. Life-friendly hours are available, with no mandatory traveling or commuting unless desired. Interns are unpaid and must be eligible to receive school credit.

How to Apply

Email [email protected] (1) a copy of your resume (2) a short bio that introduces your interests (3) a 500 px by 500 px image for your avatar (4) a cover letter explaining what you have to offer and what you would like to get out of this internship opportunity.

Application deadline is February 12, 2017 at 11:59 p.m.

Apply Now

Thank you for your interest in working with us to bring the best to DORKAHOLICS around the world. Good luck on your application, hero!

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