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Pioneer Week 12 Update: September 8, 2019

by Neil Bui

Since last week’s Pioneer update, I have:

  • Received 16 upvotes from other Pioneer users
  • 7647 points to 8269 points
  • Global Standings: Rank 83 to Rank 70
  • US West: Rank 10 to Rank 10

What are you building, in a sentence?

I am building an online publication about the intersection of Asian identity and pop culture – dorkaholics.com

My goals for this past week:

1️⃣ Email winners of IT Chapter 2 contest
2️⃣ Launch month-long contest for Joker posters
3️⃣ Find communities of writers that would potentially be interested in contributing to dorkaholics
4️⃣ Send early September 2019 newsletter
5️⃣ Improve ChatBot based off of last month’s users
6️⃣ Followup with Facebook Instant Articles
7️⃣ Continue producing content and distributing on social media

The results:

1️⃣ IT Chapter 2 contest winners emailed and prizes sent
2️⃣ Joker contest launched!
3️⃣ No new contributors yet – reached out to writers following on Twitter and relevant Facebook groups
4️⃣ September 2019 newsletter sent
5️⃣ Facebook Messenger ChatBot has been improved to automatically respond to commonly used messages from page visitors
6️⃣ Facebook Instant Articles denied – need more traffic from Facebook
7️⃣ Two videos released this week; 1933 pageviews, 433 video views

This week I plan to:

1️⃣ Continue looking for more contributors, currently thinking of Reddit, Craigslist, college groups; create Contribute page on the website
2️⃣ Implement Facebook Ads to increase traffic from Facebook
3️⃣ Promote Ms. Purple review to coincide with the movie’s limited release
4️⃣ Improve dorkaholics branding on Instagram with hashtag research, highlights, and posting schedule
5️⃣ Continue producing content; turn video content into podcast episodes; I hope to get at least 2000 more pageviews, and 500 additional video views

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