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Meet a Dork: Jason O’Mara, Voice of Batman

by Neil Bui

In an interview with Bleeding Cool’s Tom Chang, voice actor Jason O’Mara shares how he perfected his role as the DC Animated Movie Universe’s Batman in over 10 films including the new film, Justice League Dark: Apokolips War.

“Initially, it was really tough, because there are so many different versions of Batman. It’s hard not to be intimidated,” O’Mara said. “Your favorite Batman is always going to be the one you hear inside your head.”

With a number of legendary actors having portrayed the Dark Knight in both live-action and animation, O’Mara was worried his efforts might end up as an imitation.

“I was concerned that I was going to do an impression,” O’Mara said. “I had to come up with my own take.”

However, the animated universe introduced Damian Wayne as Batman’s son, which allowed for a very unique dynamic that O’Mara could use as the foundation for his take on the character.

“I think being a father myself helps because it was a way in,” O’Mara said. “It also helps how I approach the role.”

More often than not, audiences will only recognize Bruce Wayne as an orphan of Gotham but not understand that he’s also raised multiple adopted children as well as a birth son.

“I try to keep my Batman as consistent as I can. Even though in Justice League Dark, you don’t have much of a reference as to say Batman is the father to Damian,” O’Mara said. “I still try to bring that with me. The audience knows that this Batman is a father. That’s what’s great about doing a story that has continuity, a build-in every movie.”

Actor Stuart Allen has played the role of Damian Wayne in the DCAU, building chemistry with O’Mara’s Batman that perhaps forms the core of these connected films.

“Everything that happens stays with the character. It’s a combination of the consistency and continuity of my own performance that creates each individual unique story. Sometimes the story is standalone, like ‘case of the week,’” O’Mara said. “Sometimes the story will continue an emotional arc for all of the characters, not least Bruce’s relationship with Damian is the heart, which for me is the heart and soul of these movies.”

With 11 eleven films under his utility belt as Bruce Wayne, it’s only natural that the later films were less challenging as he came into the role each time with more experience than the last.

“The last few movies were a lot easier than the first few. With Batman: Hush as a standalone movie, I was able to solidify what I was doing with the character,” O’Mara said.

Now with the epic conclusion to the DC Animated Universe with Justice League Dark: Apokolips War, O’Mara admits he still encountered some obstacles in a role he has grown familiar with.

“There’s a massive twist that came with this one that I can’t reveal,” O’Mara said. “This movie came with its own vocal challenges.”

Justice League Dark: Apokolips War is out now on digital download and DVD, and will available on other formats starting May 18. Click here to purchase the film in 4K Blu-Ray and here for standard Blu-Ray.

Are you excited for DC’s animated Endgame? Have you watched the film? What are your thoughts?

Source: Bleeding Cool

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