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Meet a Dork: Mono Design, Graphic Designer from Malaysia

by Neil Bui

Welcome to Meet a Dork, a feature on Dorkaholics where we get to know a fellow dork somewhere in the world. Through Meet a Dork, we hope to not only establish new friendships with other fans but showcase the vastness of our community, the diversity of personalities, and the unique things of each person.  This week, we have Mono Design, a Malaysia-based graphic designer who puts his fandom on display through his work that often features comic book superheroes.

Neil Bui: What name or alias should we refer to you as?

Mono Design: You guys can just call me Mono.

NB: A lot of your work revolves around comic book characters. Which character, in particular, has been the most challenging to design and why?

MD: Yes I love working on comic characters because the limit is beyond your own imagination but have to say working on female characters is particularly challenging because you have to get it right because with one small stroke can affect the art tremendously. You must get the ladies right haha.

NB: Which comic book characters did you find most intriguing as a child?

MD: Growing up I read a lot of X-Men and Justice League and two characters that are really close to me are Gambit and The Flash. These two characters really influenced me and my art as I used to draw them all the time growing up.

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There's been alot of hype recently about Flashpoint Paradox movie. It's been awhile since we had anything to hype about due to Covid-19 and the lockdown. I just hope everybody is okay around the world and hope that everything will get better soon So to keep the hype going and the final piece to my Flashpoint series, here is my concept poster for the movie. It was fun working on these and I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I do Thanks for all the love _______________________________________________ • Follow @_mono.design_ • Turn ? post notifications • Tag your Marvel/DC friends • Feel free to share with tag and credit #dccomics #dceu #theflash #flash #flashpointparadox #thomaswayne #batman #alternateuniverse #barryallen #supermanvsbatman #posterart #movieposter #conceptart #monodesign #photoshopart #thecreativers #cosplayersofinstagram #dcextendeduniverse #fanart #justiceleague #comics #supervillain #theflashcw #dcuniverse #aquaman #batmancosplay #batmantheanimatedseries #digitalart #artistsoninstagram #dcfandome

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NB: You could’ve chosen any field of art — why graphic design?

MD: Truthfully it’s because I’m not really good at math or any of those calculative subjects hahaha. I used to spend most of my time in classes drawing. And in college, I got to learn to transfer my drawings to the design software on the computers, and from day one I was gone, every day in front of my computer working on design and art. And I love advertising and I love print ads especially the creative ones because I can really see how design and art can really influence someone to your product or service or whatever that you are selling. And that’s why I love it.  

NB: Are there any graphic designers that inspire you the most?

MD: Yes I have a lot of designers and artists who inspire me and these people inspire me to do art every day but to name a few I would say Aaron Draplin, Bosslogic, Malika Favre, and Olafur Eliasson.

NB: If you had to choose one, superhero or villain, to feature in your artwork which character type would you prefer and why?

MD: Villain or Anti-Hero because they’re so badass, haha, I love working on them because you can just go crazy with it you know.

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For this week's #superherowednesday and villains we gonna continue the Flashpoint hype because I'm a big Flash fan The Infamous Reverse Flash A.K.A Eobard Thawne and i think @officiallymcconaughey would be awesome for the role. He is one of my favourite villains of all time. I've never done a solo piece on him before and I want the suit to be more slick since he is from the future. Love working on this I've an easter egg in this, see if you can find it _______________________________________________ • Follow @_mono.design_ • Turn ? post notifications • Tag your Marvel/DC friends • Feel free to share with tag and credit #dccomics #dceu #theflash #flash #flashpointparadox #thomaswayne #batman #alternateuniverse #barryallen #supermanvsbatman #avengersendgame #posterart #movieposter #conceptart #monodesign #photoshopart #thecreativers #cosplayersofinstagram #dcextendeduniverse #fanart #justiceleague #comics #supervillain #theflashcw #dcuniverse #aquaman #greenlantern #comicartist #dcfandome

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NB: Did you ever consider becoming a comic book artist?

MD: Well sometimes I do but then I realized that I’m not really good at drawing at least not for a comic book artist standard. They are incredibly detailed in their work. Much respect to all.

NB: Which comic book character would you like to feature next in your artwork?

MD: Since the recent DC FanDome, we got so much from DC and we are all still pumped about all the things DC released to do. So I’ve decided to do the DC Trinity in honor of having all 3 of them together again in a movie. We love the Snyder Cut’s Justice League.

NB: Speaking of origin stories, how did you create your name: “mono.design” — what is the backstory?

MD: I’ve had the name Mono way back where it is my graffiti or my tagging name. I’ve always liked this name because it reflects who I am. I’m a bit of a quiet person and always keeps things to myself hahaha.

NB: Your bio states that you are “A Graphic Designer who’s on a pursuit to learn and hoping to be better in every artwork created.” What is one specific area of graphic design that you’d like to build upon and improve moving forward?

MD: It has to be digital arts or digital imaging as this section of the design is still a bit new for me and a lot more to explore when you are doing this. No matter how long you have been doing what you do, you are always learning new things every day. 

NB: What is the biggest misconception that you feel non-graphic designers have about artists in this field?

MD: For me how I feel how non-graphic designers see us, We have the least important job doing the most important work. And always assuming our work is easy compared to other professions but it’s far from it. We had to handle with the backed up workload, crazy datelines, and stress as much as a lawyer or an engineer. Without art and design, the world will be a dull place.

NB: How would you describe your artistic style to someone who has never seen your work?

MD: My design is heavily influenced by pop culture and street art. All the while, putting my ear close to keep up with the ever-changing industry.

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I really wish they would do a Justice League Dark live action movie and the storyline from the Apokolips War would be a good ending to the DC Universe arch So I've created this poster design for Justice League Dark : Apokolips War with my fancast. Check it out and leave a comment, let me know what you think Follow @_mono.design_ for more art #dc #dcfilms #justiceleague #justiceleaguedarkapokolipswar #justiceleaguedark #monodesign #malaysiaart #malaysiaartist #todayart #igreviewmalaysia #photoshopexpress #photoshopwork #comicart #artistonig #featureart #artrequest #photoshopart #photoshopedit #digitalpaint #comicartist #comicgeek #webcomicartist #artfeature #artistoninstagram #digitalart #wacom #instaart #artistoninstagram #digitalcollage #digitalcolosseum

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NB: There are countless graphic designers these days — how do you stand out in a sea of other talented artists?

MD: The way to stand out is to have your own style and always try to be different than others. Always push the boundaries to whatever you’re doing.

NB: What is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to graphic design?

MD: I guess my biggest pet peeve is that I like to do different versions of the same artwork and then I can’t decide which one to be the final artwork. Hahaha, I’m indecisive.

NB: What advice would you have to those readers out there who are considering pursuing graphic design as a career?

MD: Never stop doing art, never stop believing, and always be true to whatever you do. Art and design are never-ending and it will last forever.

Learn more about Mono Design and view his work on his Instagram, @_mono.design_.

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