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Iris West + Vibe casted for ‘The Flash’ Pilot

by Neil Bui

Watch out Felicity, your competition over the young Mr.  Allen is one hot tamale. Deadline Hollywood broke the news that Candice Patton (“The Game”) is the latest actress to have a role on “The Flash” television series. She will be playing Iris West, who has been characterized as “Allen’s fast-talking, quick-witted best friend who is also the daughter of Detective West, who serves as a surrogate father to Barry.”

Although this description departs from the canon of the comic books, I can see this working out better in the long run for a television series. Establishing her as someone Barry has known most of his life, as well as practically being siblings but not actually siblings, does pave the way for these two to be a perfect couple, a match made in heaven. Something tells me they’re meant to be and nothing can stop their soon-to-be on camera sexual tension. Sorry Felicity, I’m on Team Barris. I’m coining it now.

But I’ll be honest, despite my enthusiasm, the DC canon-nazi in me is a little upset that they’re throwing out some of her background history. In the current run of “The Flash” comics, it’s been revealed that her father was abusive alcoholic. Her mother died giving birth to her younger brother, Daniel. It just hit me, they’re basically turning her into Arrow’s Laurel Lance, another cop’s daughter. Gosh, what happened to the days when the only officer’s little girl we cared about was Batgirl? If she ever gets introduced to this universe, she should start a club.

Back to Iris West, it’s a shame there won’t be a first meeting like the one that was in issue #25 of “The Flash.” In his days before being the Scarlet Speedster, Barry Allen was a police scientist that volunteered to come to Gotham City’s aide during one of its times of need. Along the way, he meets Iris West, a young journalist interning at the Gotham Gazette. I can’t remember the details of the story itself but I remember the ending, just look to the left.

EDIT: [Stephen here!] The CW is also hoping to add to its roster by casting Broadway’s Carlos Valdes (Valdes plays Andrej in the musical “Once”) to play Francisco “Cisco” Ramon, otherwise known as DC Comic’s Vibe. With regards to The New 52, Vibe is a founding member of the NEW Justice League of America with the power to create seismic vibrations and also sense beings from other dimensions due to a freak accident with a “boom tube,” an inter- dimensional portal if you will. He basically had part of his body cut because of a portal. Think Stargate but less dead.

My predictions: Vibe will become sort of friends with Barry and join his team of crime fighters. As such, he’ll help Barry identify and hunt down beings from other dimensions, POSSIBLY the very being that killed his mother and framed his father. *hint hint*

Stick with Dorkaholics as we bring you news about the “The Flash” television series up as fast as the Speed Force will allow!

Source: Deadline Hollywood

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