Pinkett-SmithIt seems like Fox’s Gotham is continuously picking up momentum and is casting, what I believe, to be an amazing cast of stars. Jada Pinkett Smith was announced as the latest addition to the upcoming Batman series but is playing a character that you probably haven’t ever heard of before–Fish Mooney. What? I have absolutely no problem with this. Although many people would argue that this is blasphemous to the comics, I personally like it when the TV shows take liberties with the show. I would love to see characters from the comics come to life, but sometimes it’s also really great to not know anything about the characters and leave it up to surprise.

Smith will be a series regular and is set to play Fish Mooney, “a sadistic gangster boss and nightclub owner.” Uh, YES! A beautiful, powerful female antagonist in the DC universe? Say it isn’t so! Finally, DC’s taking some chances and straying from their safety net. I’m extremely excited for this series and more. For some reason, it just seems like DC is really working their butts off and are putting the right people in the right places to pull off these TV shows. Although Arrow is pretty much their flagship show for now, I really have to admit,  in Geoff Johns, I trust.

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