The Hollywood Reporter has said John Wesley Shipp will be guest starring in the pilot for “The Flash” television series. And if the series is picked up, his role would expand to that of a recurring character.

Now those of you reading this so far, may be wondering what the big deal is about some guy that played the father in “Dawson’s Creek” landing a guest star role for “The Flash.” Well my dear friends, let me tell you. In a different paragraph to build suspense…

John Wesley Shipp. Courtesy of IMDB.

John Wesley Shipp. Courtesy of IMDB.

For those born after 1991, Mr. Shipp starred in CBS’s “The Flash” as Barry Allen. It was on for one season with a total of 22 episodes. So here’s hoping for another 22 episodes with TV’s first live Barry Allen.

I’m hoping his role will be that of Jay Garrick, a character from the Golden Age of comic books and the original Flash.  The origin for his powers is that sometime during college he inhaled hard water vapors after falling asleep in a laboratory. As with almost all comics, retcons changed these details. Later on, the hard water vapors were changed to heavy water vapors. And after that, it was said that the vapors merely activated a latent metagene. In the New 52, Jay Garrick acquired his superspeed abilities from the Roman god Mercury.

What I’m imagining for Jay Garrick’s television adaptation, is that he play a mentor role for Barry. And hopefully Shipp can also play a real-life mentor to Grant Gustin who will be putting on the red tights. Back to Jay Garrick though, I’m thinking either an college professor or teacher from high school. Maybe family friend?

Earth_2_issue_2Here’s a FLASH FACT!- Mr. Shipp voiced Professor Zoom in the “Batman: The Brave and The Bold” animated series. I don’t think this will have anything to do with his role on “The Flash” but what if it did? Haha, seriously, I hope not though.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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