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Kill Boksoon: Cast and Characters are the Reasons to Watch

by Neil Bui

Netflix has released posters, stills, and descriptions for the main characters of the upcoming Korean action film Kill Boksoon.

The film follows Boksoon, who leads a double life of an ordinary single mom and a legendary killer at a top-tier killing agency, MK Ent.

The main character Gil Boksoon is played by Jeon Do-yeon, the first Korean actress to receive the Best Actress award at Cannes Film Festival. She currently stars in the popular series Crash Course in Romance. As Gil Boksoon, her character is an A-list killer who has never failed a single mission, showcasing dynamic, never-before-seen action sequences, while managing to portray a mother-daughter relationship with her daughter Jae-young that is at arm’s length.

“Boksoon is a character that finds her true self and grows with her daughter while living in an irony of being a killer and a mother,” says Jeon about her bold yet delicate performance.

Veteran actor Sul Kyung-gu plays Cha Min-kyu, a force to be reckoned with as he used to dominate the contract-killing industry and essentially formed the “rules” of the trade. Gil Boksoon is more than just his protege and employee, but is an exception to this cold-blooded killer. Her hesitation about renewing her contract results in him wanting to keep her by his side. It’s clear that the film will involve their disintegrating relationship.

Kim Si-A, known for The Silent Sea and Kingdom: Ashin of the North, plays the role of Boksoon’s daughter, Jae-young. In addition to the everyday struggles of teenage life in school, she lives with unanswered questions about her mother’s profession.

“Jae-young felt different from the characters I’ve played before,” Kim said about her character who feels distant from her mother, yet resembles her in terms of boldness and determination.

Cha Min-hee, played by Esom, is Cha Min-kyu’s younger sister who is also a director managing the business side of MK Ent. The actress describes her character as “seemingly simple but unpredictable and mysterious.” She disapproves of her brother making Boksoon an exception and attempts to interfere whenever possible, hiding behind her playful face and moving without hesitation.

Koo Kyo-hwan, from D.P. and Peninsula, plays Han Hee-sung, another killer at MK Ent., who is for some reason on the C-list despite having skills of a higher caliber. He respects Boksoon as a senior killer and maintains a close relationship with her, but feels conflicted as a result of not being recognized for his abilities.

“Hee-sung seems ambitious but at the same time not ambitious, and this vagueness is what makes him an interesting character,” says Koo, honing in on the natural curiosity surrounding a killer with complicated motives.

Kill Boksoon is out on Netflix starting March 31, 2023.

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