/ Lezhin Comics Black Label Merch Event

Lezhin Comics Black Label Merch Event

by Neil Bui

Our good friends over at Lezhin Entertainment have reached out to us to share their latest event for this month: Black Label: Merchandise Event for March, giving fans outside of Korea access to merchandise that was previously only available through online contests or conventions. Read on for more details from them!

  • Free Painter of the Night Poster for anyone who spends over 1000 Coins
  • 10 lucky users will get a Killing Stalking poster, a BJ Alex poster, and a set of BJ Alex postcards

Lezhin Entertainment is proud to present Black Label: Merchandise Event for March. Until now, Lezhin Comics merchandise has only been available outside of Korea through limited offers on social media contests or at conventions.

During the month of March, users who spend at least 1,000 Coins on Lezhin Comics will receive a Painter of the Night fabric poster. 10 special winners will also receive one (1) Killing Stalking fabric poster, one (1) BJ Alex fabric poster and one (1) set of BJ Alex postcards.

The complete set of rules are available on the Black Label: Merchandise Event for March event page here.

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