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Meet a Dork: Actress Andrea Andrade and The Conjuring 3

by Neil Bui

With the upcoming release of The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, one of the cast members of the film, Andrea Andrade, spoke with us about her experience being part of the franchise, being an actress of color, and her experiences across different genres.

NEIL BUI (NB): You have been quite busy over the last five years, with nearly two dozen credits and short films, movies, TV shows, and now you’re one of the successful franchises of all time. Based on all your experiences, what format do you enjoy working in the most (TV, Film, Short film) and why?

Andrea Andrade (AA): Oh well, that’s a good question. I’ve never thought too much about it. I think TV and film just depends. I’m like 50/50. But to be a part of The Conjuring universe, though, a film universe and the reach it has, and the fan base and I get to be a part of it and tell a story in it is an actor’s dream.

NB: Awesome, how familiar were you with the Conjuring series heading into this role?

AA: I love The Conjuring. I watched the movies before. I’ve seen Annabelle. I’ve seen The Nun. I love that whole universe. Then when I got the audition for this, I didn’t even know it was for The Conjuring because nowadays everything is kind of confidential unless they need to tell you. So, when I found out I booked it and my agent called and said you booked The Conjuring. I was blown away because it’s I love it, I watch this franchise, now I’m in it.

NB: Without giving away too much, could you describe what it was like working with legends like Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga?

AA: I got to work alongside Vera Farmiga, and it was awesome. Michael Chaves was awesome and then so was my costar, Ingrid Bisu. We’re friends in our scenes. But watching Vera Farmiga work? It was like a class for me as an actor. To see her do her thing was so cool. Like I said, the crew, not just us actors and not just directors and everything, it’s everybody who made you feel welcome and good. It was a great place to work.

NB: That’s great to hear. I mean, I mean double clicking on what you’re saying about Vera? Were there any takeaways you got?

AA: By watching her, I felt more grounded as an actor myself. She’s very into it. And a lot of actors are, but it’s so good to see up close and personal just how hard she works. It just made me want to step up my game and keep working hard at my craft.

NB: It’s so awesome to see Asian representation in film and television. Have you personally noticed a shift in the industry from casting directors or producers over the past few years? Are you seeing more non-stereotypical roles offered to you?

AA: We’d love to have even more, but I’m seeing more and I’m glad that it’s happening. I think it’s only going to get better. I just hope that everyone gets a chance. To be a part of it too, especially because it’s hard on actors of different races, ethnicities, and minorities. It’s tough but it is getting a little better and I’m happy to see that more stories are being dedicated to all of us.

NB: I saw that you previously starred in the horror film, Reel Dead, in 2018, so you are no stranger to scary movies. As an actress, is the experience of working on a horror film set significantly different compared to a drama or comedy at all?

AA: That’s a great question. I think that everything’s a little different. I think comedy is the hardest. And I haven’t worked in a lot of comedies yet, but I think that horror and drama kind of fall closer together. But there’s also just a fine line, and it also just depends on what project I think you’re blessed to be a part of because The Conjuring is so great because there’s a great balance of yes, we’re all scared, but we’re also invested in the characters. And then the storytelling is great versus is just to scare you for no reason. Everything makes sense and I love that about this horror franchise.

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It premieres on HBO Max and in theaters on June 4, 2021.

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