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Meet a Dork: Sean Chong-Umeda (Seannyboy808), Kawaii Fashion Influencer & Model

by Neil Bui

During Anime California 2019, we had the pleasure of interviewing featured influencer Sean Chong-Umeda (Seannyboy808) about his modeling career, life goals and learn about kawaii fashion.

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Coming from the Kawaii Kingdom of Rainbows and Unicorns, Seannyboy808, also known as Seannicorn or Sean, is the residential fashion unicorn. Sean Chong-Umeda is a unique individual who blends the ideas of what is cute and colorful and makes it fashionable. He is a stern believer of fashion being genderless, declaring that if you feel cute on the inside, then you are cute on the outside. Sean wants to prove to the world that it is ok to be different, and with a little faith and love, anything is possible.

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So I'm a just break it down here: I did NOT win @kawaiiiofficial . And though a LITTLE bit sad ( I ain't going to lie and say I'm 100% happy) I am SOOOO proud of how far I went. Looking back in just 2 years….2 years of deciding to follow this path I have done so much. I have worked for @pusheen @hellokitty @tokidokibrand @carebears and more. I have been on MULTIPLE Magazines both online and paper and been on 3 different documentaries. I have modeled and became a published model. I have done SO MUCH in just 2 years and I should be proud of that. This isn't the end…not even close. This now has burned a fire deep inside and I will find another way to push and make the community proud. I may have not won Kawaii International BUT I AM A KAWAII LEADER (but i like Queen too just saying). Also there is All-Stars and I will lipsync my way to the top jk jk… ALSO CONGRATS to the winner @tracydizon.nyc now let me walk for u for NYFW. Photographer: @matchapazzi . . . #seannyboy808 #japanesestreetfashion #fairykeifashion #pastelkei #harajukustreet #pinkoutfit #pinkislife #fairykeifashion #fashioneveryday #pinkisgood #kawaiicute #kawaiiaf #kawaiilove #kawaiioutfit #harajukustyle #pinkmood #pinklife #kawaiistyle #kawaiioftheday #kawaiiaesthetic #ilovepink #fairykei #jfashion #harajukufashion #lovepink #pastelpink #kawaiifashion

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With his signature pink hair and fondness for pastels, Sean has worked with multiple brands such as Hot Topic, Aloxxi, Kawaii Care Box, Wooji Apparel, Toshikigirl, Popkiller, and Amino, demonstrating the versatility of this fashion unicorn. He is a brand ambassador, spreading kindness and love through brands like Pusheen, Tokidoki, Sanrio, and Mori Galaxy. Sean has also modeled in ad campaigns for Wet’ N’ Wild Beauty, Astek Wallpaper, Trident Gum, Popsockets and Daily Concepts, along with walking the runway to represent brands such as ACDC Rag, Creator’s Guild, iiii clothing, My Hamachi Designs and Beyond the Boundary. Sean has been featured in both print and digital magazine such as @hypebae, Allen & Houston, Elegant Magazine, while appearing in videos with Refinery 29, Buzzfeed, and Hooked on the Look.

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???**You can Vote everyday and multiple times via different sources** https://www.nhk.or.jp/kawaii-i/contest/personalstyle_2019.html With just less than 2 weeks left I wanted to further explain why I wanted to win @kawaiiiofficial . I think ALL of us are qualified, and all of us who are in the top can be the winner! Each brings a different type of aesthetic, moral, and love to the kawaii culture and people. However, I want to win because I know I can use my platform to expand this kawaii kingdom and help educate, and normalize kawaii culture to the masses. Not only do I have a following (i mean it aint huge but its something) but I been on multiple documentaries like Refinery 29 and Hooked on Look explaining to the world that 'its ok to be who you are'. I been helping the LA community come together and have been constantly in the faces of the masses with @hellokitty , @tokidokibrand , @carebears and @pusheen which I have done influencer work/model for. I have always pushed my platform of love, kindness and happiness and will continue to do so whether I win or lose. I will always push for the community who has done so much for me and to all of you who have read this. I want to win so that when the next generation grows up, they can see how kawaii the world can be. Photographer: @stephyxxs Jacket: @salad_day Shoes: @yru @yrushoes Bag: @irregularchoice Horn: @ivycorn

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