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Reginald the Vampire Season 2: Meet Jacob Batalon (Reginald)

by Neil Bui

In this interview with Dorkaholics, I spoke Jacob Batalon, who stars as Reggie in the series Reginald the Vampire. Batalon shares the geeky pleasures of his youth—Yu-Gi-Oh, Power Rangers, Sonic, and Mario—echoing the childhood of many millennials. He dives deep into Reggie’s evolving storyline, revealing the emotional and supernatural challenges the character faces. Batalon also teases what’s in store for the upcoming season, including dramatic twists, deeper character arcs, and the introduction of formidable new adversaries that promise to elevate the stakes.

Neil Bui: What made you a dork growing up?

Jacob Batalon: Oh gosh. A lot, a lot of the normal things like Yu-Gi-Oh! and Power Rangers,, Sonic, Mario, I mean like basically everything, everything a kid should have been playing with in the 2000s.

Neil Bui: Your character, Reggie, I think season one was such a rollercoaster for him, figuring things out on his own, as well things that he doesn’t see, what we see going on with Maurice. By the end of it, it’s a loosely nice resolution to season one.

Jacob Batalon: Yeah, very loosely for sure. I think we do have some resolutions, but I think the second season starts off so filled with stress already that we have like no chance to sort of recover from all the things that happened in the first season.

Neil Bui: What can you tease us about the first episode?

Jacob Batalon: I think the introduction of the Angels into the show is a very big deal. That’s kind of like our main baddie for the season. We sort of have to like to navigate how to even begin to think about planning how to beat Angels. So that’s another thing. A lot of our characters go through very, very crazy character arcs this season. And, hopefully things turn out well for Reginald and the crew because they are very, very much up against time again.

Catch Jacob on Reginald the Vampire on SYFY, new episodes on Wednesday nights.

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