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Pokémon Go Nests – Orange County and Los Angeles

by Neil Bui

In less than two weeks, Pokémon Go has completely taken over the world. Or at least the world around me – meaning going to work, playing soccer at the park, grabbing drinks, eating out.

Seriously, I’ve met more people during my lunch breaks through Pokémon Go than I have in the last three months at my current company (yes I have a day job besides Dorkaholics). I even got pulled over for speeding the other night, and one of the first thing the cop asks me is if I was playing Pokémon Go. I politely pointed out that if that was the case, I would have been driving slow not fast.

I honestly thought I would have grown bored of the game after the first week and would return to my usual routine, but now I spend at least one night a week going to a new place around the area just to look for new Pokémon to complete my Pokédex. Blame my completionism. Gotta catch ’em all, right?

The struggle to finding certain species has kept me up late at night, but I have just discovered a list of locations in Los Angeles and Orange County where specific Pokémon are more commonly found. See it below or click here.

Just click on the pin, to see what Pokémon are found at the specific location and to find out the location of the pin. Be sure to share this link with all your friends, and to journey safely and with friends!

Happy hunting, trainers! Comment below which nest locations you’ll be heading to and which team you’re a part of! I can’t wait to capture some more Charmanders down in El Toro Park #TeamInstinct Remember to check back in with Dorkholics.com for news, updates, and helpful tips and tricks to being a Pokémon Master!

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