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Nerdalicious Ways To Speed Up Your Outdated Computer

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It’s a common belief that if your computer starts to operate slowly, it’s time to replace it – but this isn’t always the case! When computers, like our minds, get overburdened with photos, films, and any other material you’ve downloaded, they start to slow down! For someone who isn’t very tech-savvy, speeding it up may be a challenge, but there are a variety of techniques to make your old computer work quicker, avoiding the need to spend money on a new computer. Whether you’re still rocking a Windows 98 or you want to take care of your gaming pc that costs you a lot of money, there are some simple yet nerdy ways to help speed up your computer. Take a look at them:

Go on a deleting spree

As previously said, overloading your computer’s memory with photos, videos, movies, or even programs may cause it to slow down. Check your computer’s applications and remove everything you no longer require or use. Even if it only takes up a few megabytes, it will speed up your computer. Check out https://setapp.com/how-to/how-to-uninstall-apps-on-macos for additional details on how to accomplish this. We realize that you may not want to just remove photos and videos, and there are a few choices for you to consider:

  1. Buy an external hard drive to save the files on. In today’s modern world, you can get them for a reasonable price and they’re very simple to use!
  2. Put all of your photos and movies on a disc so you can play them on your DVD player over and over again.
  3. Consider uploading your content to social media where you can enjoy it and share treasured memories with your family and friends.

Utilise cloud based services

The amount of internal or external storage you have on your pc is no longer a big worry thanks to cloud-based services. This is where your content, whether it be photos, movies, important documents, or even memes can be stored in online space rather than taking up room on your computer. If you have an iPhone, for example, you’ll be aware that you can sync your photos to iCloud to save space on your phone. Here’s a great guide on how to access iCloud photos on pc if you’re wondering how you can utilize storage space even if you don’t own a Macbook. You don’t have to have all Apple or all Android products to utilize online storage space!

Limit what programs launch at start up

Nothing is more aggravating than turning on your computer to do a quick job and then having to wait for apps like Skype, Spotify, or even your anti-virus to load. Fortunately, you can turn off ‘launch upon startup’ in the settings of each program. If you can’t find it, look on the program’s website for instructions. Most applications and programs give you the option to uncheck the box telling the program to launch at start-up when you install them, so keep an eye out for it! However, we do not advocate disabling your antivirus software because this might allow Trojans and viruses to infect your computer. Most antivirus programs these days have been modified not to be too intrusive when your computer first loads up.

Turn down the visual effects

We’re fortunate to live in an era when our computers can produce some impressive visual effects. Even taskbars are souped-up and kitted out these days. However, even something as basic as a flashy taskbar may slow down your computer. To speed up your computer, go to your control panel and look for ‘visual effects.’ Turn off as many as possible and you’ll notice your computer will run a bit faster. If you use your computer for gaming, turning down the visual effects will help your computer process your games faster. However, you’ll probably have to sacrifice the quality of the graphics to keep up the speed.

Don’t ignore updates!

Finally, make sure you keep your computer up to date! If you have a Windows or Mac, you should be alerted immediately, and your computer should install essential updates with a single click of a button. Failure to do so could be the only cause of your machine’s slowness! Not only that but applying an update may help your computer operate faster than it has in the past. Both Microsoft and Apple regularly provide updates for your machine that will help keep it running smoothly.

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