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Pixar’s Elemental: Press Conference Unveils Heartfelt Themes and a Stellar Cast

by Neil Bui

The highly anticipated animated film, Pixar’s Elemental, promises to captivate audiences with its heartwarming story, rich emotions, and stellar cast. During a recent press conference moderated by Lisa Cabello, director Peter Sohn, producer Denise Ream, actress Leah Lewis, actor Mamoudou Athie, and singer/songwriter Lauv gathered to discuss the film and shed light on the profound impact it had on them personally. With each participant sharing their unique perspective, the conference revealed the deep themes and heartfelt intentions behind Elemental.

Connecting Through Love and Laughter:

At the heart of Pixar’s Elemental lies a profound exploration of human connection, as the cast members eloquently expressed during the press conference. Mamoudou Athie, who voices Wade Ripple, shared a personal anecdote about a play that made him realize the power of acting to generate meaningful conversations. He emphasized that the film offers an opportunity to open hearts and minds, presenting a fully committed portrayal of love and genuine emotions. 

“[Wade] chooses to live his life in a very openhearted way.  And I say “chooses” very specifically because it’s not — sure, his overall nature is like, you know, to be emotional.  But I think he looks for the positive,” Athie explained. “He looks to see the positive in everything, and in everyone.  That’s one of my favorite things about him, ’cause he’s just like a person who’s chosen — a person — a Water Guy [laugh] who has chosen to be as positive as he can for not only other people’s benefit, but his own.”

The authenticity and palpable love in every frame of the movie were evident, leaving no room for cut corners or half-hearted attempts. Pixar’s dedication to capturing the essence of the human experience shines through, offering audiences a heartwarming and humorous journey they can count on.

Balancing Tradition and Personal Dreams:

Another aspect of Pixar’s Elemental that resonated deeply with the cast was the film’s portrayal of balancing tradition with the pursuit of personal dreams. Lauv, whose song “Steal the Show” is featured in the film, found this theme particularly beautiful, as it showcases the ability to honor and respect tradition while pursuing individual aspirations. In a world often consumed by all-or-nothing choices, Elemental stands out by presenting a nuanced approach, acknowledging the importance of embracing both aspects of one’s identity. The film’s ability to blend emotional moments with hilarious scenes creates a well-rounded experience, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in a tapestry of lessons and self-discovery.

“I think one of the things that I found the most beautiful was the balance between the ability to honor and respect tradition while also going and following your dreams personally,” Lauv said. “I think that was so cool, the message of like, the two coexisting in a way ’cause I think, you know, there’s a lot of all or nothing kind of ideas being put out there. It’s like, you either have to do this or you have to do this, and I think that was really cool.”

Expressing Gratitude and Fostering Connection:

The press conference further highlighted the significance of gratitude and connection in Elemental. Producer Denise Ream emphasized the film’s capacity to inspire viewers to reach out to their loved ones, appreciating the people who have shaped their lives. This heartwarming reminder to express appreciation and make meaningful connections resonated deeply, urging audiences to pick up the phone and say thanks. 

“I want people to go with their family and friends and connect to the people they love. And you know, I want people to keep their hearts open to someone or people that may be different and maybe just show a little appreciation for parents or anyone that’s sort of helped you along the way,” Ream said.

The exceptional talent and hard work of the cast and crew were evident, making the film a collective achievement that should be enjoyed and celebrated by all.

Unveiling Hidden Aspects and Finding Self-fulfillment:

Leah Lewis, who voices Ember Lumen, touched upon the transformative nature of Elemental. She expressed her hope that the film would encourage viewers to embrace their authentic selves and unleash the parts of their personality they might have kept hidden. 

“I hope that people walk away with that missing piece of themselves that they weren’t quite sure was there,” Lewis said. “You know, the part that we keep quiet, the part that maybe that we’re afraid of.  And like, you know, whether a weight in your life exists or not.  Getting to let that part of yourself really, really shine.”

The characters in the movie, despite their initial differences and reservations, experience personal growth and discover new dimensions of themselves. Leah’s sentiments echoed the film’s underlying message that we are shaped by the people we encounter throughout our lives, and it is through these connections that we find fulfillment.

“Because at the end of the day, we are composed of all the different people that we’ve come across and that have affected us in our life,” Lewis said. “And like, I think that definitely shows, like all these characters are definitely different by the end as a result of mingling with each other, whether they liked it or not.”

Artistically Crafted Realization:

Director Peter Sohn’s unwavering commitment to delivering a visually stunning and emotionally resonant film was evident throughout the press conference. The cast members praised Sohn’s attention to detail and his unwavering dedication to ensuring that every frame of Elemental exuded love and authenticity. The film stands as a testament to Pixar’s renowned ability to combine heart and humor, drawing audiences into a world where animated characters become vessels for relatable emotions.

“This whole film’s been about connection and you know, if an audience member comes out of this film inspired by the world and the characters to connect with somebody, that would mean the world,” Sohn said.

The Power of Empathy and Bravery:

Sohn eloquently touched upon the central theme of Elemental during the press conference – the power of empathy and the necessity for a little bravery to connect with others. Through its intricate storytelling, the film encourages viewers to step outside their comfort zones and reach out with understanding and compassion. Sohn’s heartfelt wish is that Elemental inspires audience members to not only appreciate the world and characters depicted on screen but also to embrace their own innate ability to connect and empathize with others.

“Empathy doesn’t exist without a little bravery.  It’s so funny.  It’s such a weird thing,” Sohn said. “And you know, trying to connect, you know, just taking that little step of bravery and then reaching out with empathy, that’d be amazing.”

A Multifaceted Cinematic Experience:

With its poignant themes and multi-layered narrative, Pixar’s Elemental promises to be a movie that demands repeat viewings. Lauv expressed his enthusiasm for the film’s ability to provide ongoing opportunities for self-discovery. The depth of the storytelling, combined with its moments of levity, creates a captivating tapestry that invites viewers to uncover new insights with each subsequent viewing. The exceptional performances of the cast, the beautifully rendered animation, and the meticulously crafted storylines all contribute to the film’s multifaceted nature.

Anticipation and Gratitude:

As the press conference came to a close, the collective excitement and gratitude of everyone involved were palpable. The cast and crew poured their hearts into bringing Elemental to life, and their dedication shines through in every aspect of the film. Audiences eagerly await the film’s release, eager to embark on an emotional journey filled with laughter, introspection, and a renewed appreciation for the connections that shape our lives.


Pixar’s Elemental promises to be a deeply emotional and entertaining cinematic experience, resonating with audiences of all ages. The press conference offered a glimpse into the heartfelt intentions of the film’s director and cast, who poured their love and dedication into every aspect of its creation. With its exploration of love, connection, tradition, and self-discovery, Elemental invites viewers to embark on a journey that is both relatable and transformative. As the release date approaches, anticipation builds for the film’s ability to inspire audiences to embrace empathy, forge connections, and appreciate the beauty in every element of life.

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