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Pokémon Generations Ep 18 – Commentary

by Thomas Luu
The Ancient King AZ holding his Floette. From Pokémon Generations Episode 18.

The Ancient King AZ holding his Floette. From Pokémon Generations Episode 18.

What’s a better way to celebrate the new Champion, Calem, then to have him battle with AZ, the Ancient King of Kalos? Show that the hardships and joy experienced by the traveler with his Pokemon have created a champion with an infectious attitude. By seeing Calem’s expertise and passion for battle alongside his Pokemon, AZ was finally able to accept that there is no greater moment than the present to live along with your Pokémon or precious loved ones. In seeing the potential that lies in the relationship between trainer and Pokémon, AZ goes through a sort of penance. He recalls all the Pokémon lives that he took away from fellow lovers of Pokémon. In his deep blindness to restore the life of his own loved Pokémon, Floette, AZ distances himself from Floette by effectively killing countless Pokémon. However, after sensing that AZ has finally and completely understood his action’s consequences, Floette returns willingly and accepts its trainer’s intentions of love.

It’s a difficult journey and not every path is direct. The winding road shows that there are many shades to life’s palette. Given the choice of allowing your most precious Pokémon to go into battle or letting your beloved country continue its pointless war is a tough call. In AZ’s desire to keep his country away from his greedy younger brother’s grubby hands, he allows Floette to fight in a dangerous and grim war. Granted, AZ’s Floette is a strong one. The Eternal Floette is even more destructive than its Florges evolution with a staggering 125 base Sp. Atk, but the tiny thing still only has 74 base HP and 67 Def… of course, it’s gonna get murdered on the field covered with big boys like Salamence, Golurk, Steelix and Gyaradouches. And then of course, the sweet little thing isn’t gonna be happy about the death of its fellow ‘mons. Floette’s a fucking fairy. Sure, you may have used Xerneas’ eternal life force and that lovely technology of yours to revive Floette, but it ain’t gonna be very happy with how it’s done… especially when it sees you fucking murder the shit out of more Pokémon with the power of Yveltal in order to end the war. But, AZ couldn’t have just let the war keep going on. The slower but still countless deaths resulting from the war would have tipped him into the dark side sooner or later. And being sentient, Floette knows that AZ was forced into this death-filled life. AZ could have just left his position as king and journeyed to Alola and had some fun in the sun with his Pokémon but leaving his country in the middle of a great war might have been too selfish for his tastes and perhaps that would have driven him mad as well. Thus, Floette, through its eternal understanding, allowed AZ to wander around 3000 trash ass years in hopes that its master would recognize his mistakes and the pain that he caused.

Oh Floette, you sweet little fuck. Luckily you had a good trainer like AZ because I would have just trashed you for an Alolan Vulpix.

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