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Pokémon Generations Ep 6 – Commentary

by Thomas Luu
Eusine from Episode 5 of Pokémon Generations.

Eusine from Episode 5 of Pokémon Generations.

Ahhh, classic Ecruteak music, them flutes and lyres are ever soothing.

Nothing backgrounds a flaming turkey reviving some badass cats more righteously.

Seriously, though they ain’t dogs. They may have been in their past life.

But Entei is a fucking lion. Raikou is clearly a tiger. And if you look closely enough, you’ll realize Suicune is a leopard… or cheetah.

I honestly can’t tell. If anything, they’re gerbils.

None the less, we can all agree nothing beats this English dub’s awesome line, “After the fire finally went out, a sparkling rainbow came down from the sky. Yes, they say it was the legendary Pokemon Ho-oh!”

Really, there is no better way to say that. Nope. Impossible to beat that literary perfection. Only it can be… cause, “Ho-oh used its rainbow shining power to restore the Pokemon that perished in the fire.”

Man, this Eusine guy is really something: a literary genius.

Maybe the dogs don’t reject our abilities to hate out of fear as much as they fear our inability to classify their awesomeness with words.

Also, awesome purple outfit, bro. It really brings out your red gems, bowtie, and blue eyes.

How can you not trust a guy in that outfit? After all, they say imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

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