Pokémon GO Celebrates its One-Year Anniversary

by Neil Bui

Join us in celebrating the One-Year Anniversary of Pokémon GO! Can you believe it has been a good 12 months of looking for Pokémon, conquering gyms, and battling rivals?

To commemorate this occasion, another special edition version Pikachu can be captured to join your team. This version Pikachu wears its Trainer’s hat and probably looks better in it.

Celebrate the Anniversary of Pokémon GO with a Hat-Wearing Pikachu!

Celebrate the Anniversary of Pokémon GO with a Hat-Wearing Pikachu!

There is also an anniversary item pack of Incubators, Max Revives, and Ultra Balls available only for a limited time in the in-game shop at a discounted rate.

Keep an eye out for this special Pikachu out in the wild until July 24, and stay tuned for more Pokémon GO news, dorks! San Diego Comic Con is coming up and Niantic Labs could very well be dropping some bombs (like last year’s announcement about the Team Leaders) or Mewtwo’s… Keep your fingers crossed, Trainers.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the latest DORKAHOLICS video from Anime Expo.

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