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Pokémon GO Team Leaders Revealed

by Neil Bui
The Team Leaders of Pokémon GO. Courtesy Niantic Labs.

The Team Leaders of Pokémon GO. Courtesy Niantic Labs.

This past weekend at San Diego Comic Con, Niantic Labs’ Pokémon GO panel revealed the mysterious Team Leaders for the game.

Mike Pinkerton, a longtime friend of the site, had this to say about the Team Leaders:

Candela: That mysterious foreign exchange student you never meet in person, you only see them driving around town. Doesn’t wear pants, probably because they hinder her intense driving skills.

Blanche: Judges you for playing beer pong, but too much of a wallflower to say so. Cosplays as Thomas Jefferson. Crossplays as Roy Mustang from Fullmetal Alchemist, but likes the jacket too much to only use it for cosplay.

Spark: If you ever wondered what Lt. Surge looked like in his mid 20s, but if he wanted to give you 1000 high-fives instead of being in some war involving Raichu death squads, now you know.

Share below your thoughts about the team leaders. Regretting not joining Team Instinct now? Is Team Mystic actually Team Mistake?

And if you’re from the Southern California area and need help finding certain Pokémon, refer to our great nest map – here.

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