/ Meet a Dork: Kaho Shibuya (澁谷果歩), Japanese Cosplayer

Meet a Dork: Kaho Shibuya (澁谷果歩), Japanese Cosplayer

by Neil Bui

Special thanks to Kaho Shibuya (澁谷果歩) for speaking with us.

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During Anime California 2019, we were fortunate enough to have a one-on-one with guest of honor Kaho Shibuya (澁谷果歩).

We discussed her past career, her current work, future aspirations, thoughts about Digimon, Spider-Man, why fans love her, and her ultimate life goal. We enjoyed getting to know her interests and bonding over a shared nostalgic love for Digimon. Hopefully, by watching our Q&A you will get a sense of the type of person she is and learn something new about her.

Kaho Shibuya is from Tokyo, Japan and is a cosplayer, author, and a voice actor in an upcoming hentai. Kaho also hosts a YouTube channel called “Omochan”, as well as a radio show, a TV program, and she publishes a few columns monthly.

After going through many long days as a newspaper reporter and a Japanese adult actress, Kaho is happy that now with cosplay, “I finally get to wear more clothes, not vice versa!”

While she previously didn’t have very much time to pursue her passions, she’s now embracing her otaku-ness fully as a career so that she can enjoy it 24/7!

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