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Some Steps to Take To Get on a Professional Esports Team

by College and Career Advantage

Getting into a professional esports team requires a combination of skill, dedication, networking, and a strategic approach. ‎Here’s are some specific steps‎ you can take to help‎ you achieve this goal:

  1. Master Your Game: Achieve a high level of‎ proficiency in your chosen game. Dedicate hours to practice,‎ study strategies,‎ and learn from the best players. Consistency and improvement‎ are key.
  1. Choose Your Game Wisely: Focus‎ on one game or a small set of games that you’re truly passionate about and excel in. Specialization can‎ set you apart.
  1. Participate in Tournaments: Start by competing‎ in local and online tournaments. Winning or placing well‎ in these events can help build your reputation.
  1. Build an Online Presence: Create content related to your game‎ on platforms like Twitch, YouTube,‎ or social media. Streaming, creating guides, or showcasing your skills can attract attention.
  1. Network with the Community: Engage with other players, ‎streamers, and fans. Join forums, Discord servers, ‎and attend gaming events. Networking can open doors and provide‎ valuable insights.
  1. Join a Semi-Professional Team: Look for semi-pro or ‎amateur teams to gain competitive experience. This ‎allows you to showcase your skills in a team environment.
  1. Consistent Performance: Maintain a high level of ‎performance over time. This could lead to recognition from scouts or established teams.
  1. Attend Live Events: If possible, attend LAN events and ‎conventions related to your game. It’s an excellent opportunity‎ to meet industry professionals and fellow players.
  1. Seek Sponsorship or Endorsements: As you gain ‎recognition, consider reaching out to potential sponsors or seeking endorsement deals. This can provide‎ financial support and ‎validation.
  1. Stay Professional: Display‎ sportsmanship, positive attitude, ‎and strong communication skills. These qualities are highly valued by teams.
  1. Seek Trials and Scouting Opportunities: Keep an eye out for trials ‎or scouting events held by professional teams. ‎This is a direct pathway into the professional scene.
  1. Adapt and Learn: ‎Continuously adapt to changes ‎in the game meta, strategies, and team dynamics. Stay open to feedback ‎and strive for constant improvement.

Remember, the path to a professional esports team is highly competitive and requires perseverance.‎ Keep working on your skills, stay dedicated, and take action in every opportunity to showcase your talent.

By Mateo Galitzen, Laguna Beach High School, Class of 2025

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