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Overwatch 2: Words from a Betrayed Fan

I used to really enjoy Overwatch. Now it kinda sucks, and I’ll get into that eventually. Blizzard filled us with empty promises and awful updates. Now, I think it’s time to boycott the game.

The game is currently filled to the brim with bugs and all sorts of errors. You can’t enjoy the game anymore because of the ranked matchmaking literally interfering with the unranked matchmaking. You can’t just take a break from those “sweaty lobbies” to enjoy some games with your friends in some chill lobbies. It gets worse. The character of Doomfist either got silently nerfed or was bugged, and now whenever he blocks, he doesn’t charge his fist. It’s okay though, I didn’t really like Doomfist anyways.

Not to mention the promise of PvE. The entire reason they shutdown the original Overwatch in the first place for Overwatch 2 was because of the promise of PvE that players were going to get. They decided to cancel it after working on it for years creating massive uproar amongst the community. Blizzard has proven time after time they are incapable of keeping promises. They got away with another cash grab in Overwatch 2.

It was their entire purpose to get rid of loot boxes so players would spend money on the game for skins that have been free since the first Overwatch. It makes no sense. They tried to compromise but now PvE is simply going to just be events instead of the story filled PvE we were originally promised. There will be no skill trees or anything like that. The story won’t even have to be connected to the lore of the game (as if it has any point now). They were already going under with the release of Overwatch 2, and they’ve just made it worse for themselves by completely canceling PvE.

Most of the uproar surrounding the terrible game design and the lack of a PvE now makes Blizzard eligible for a boycott. How exciting! Players (me included) have already started uninstalling the game entirely and have moved onto better options where the developers might care about the game and its fanbase. Thus, I hope Blizzard will go bankrupt and realize their mistake, and hopefully bring back loot boxes. This is a major hit to the Overwatch community and they aren’t taking it lightly.

By Sean Corona, Aliso Niguel High School, Class of 2023

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