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The Batman: Q&A with Dylan Clark (Producer)

by Neil Bui

In anticipation of DC’s first film for 2022, Warner Bros. held an early screening of The Batman and a Q&A with Dylan Clark and members of the cast and crew, moderated by Tiffany Smith, familiar to DC fans as one of the hosts of DC All Access.

After Zoë Kravitz shared her experience of finding her personal character of Selina, Clark chimed in to mention her screen test for the character.

“During the screen test, there was a thing you did when you turned on Rob and you said ‘whoever you are, you must have grown up rich.’ And the way you said that, Matt and I were like ‘oh god, that’s so Selina Kyle.’ Then the scene that progressed, and the way you [were] super emotional,” Clark said. “It was those degrees, those layers of being feisty and in your face and kind of like wow that girl is tough for real. And I’ve been talking about you for a long time about your skill about showing vulnerability and emotion, that’s Selina Kyle. You had that from day one. You’re that girl.”

Eric Eisenbnerg from Cinemablend had a question for Pattinson and Reeves about their take on Bruce Wayne in this Batman film.

“You both talked about how you didn’t want to do a Batman origin story, but I am curious how much the two of you just discussed where this Batman came from or where this Bruce Wayne came from and his experiences in the lead up to the events of this movie,” Eisenberg asked.

Clark dived deeper to discuss where this Batman is mentally in the film.

“The other part about the movie that I think is so great early on in this Batman’s trajectory at Year 2, is thinking that he’s not afraid to die, but he does learn again through the course of this movie that he’s afraid to lose somebody again,” Clark said.

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