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The Impossible Heir: Debuts This February on Disney+ & Hulu

by Neil Bui

Disney has announced upcoming revenge drama from Korea, The Impossible Heir, coming to Disney+ (Hulu in the United States) this February.

The series is about an illegitimate son of a Korean conglomerate owner partnering with this ambitious childhood friend as the two of them stop at nothing to seize their place at the top of the societal food chain. We all love a good underdog story right? And if not, delivering people’s comeuppance isn’t a bad thing either.

Lee Jaewook (Alchemy of Souls, Extraordinary You) stars as Han Taeoh, Inha’s sharp-minded childhood friend.

Lee Junyoung (Mask Girl, D.P.) stars as Kang Inha, the illegitimate son of the chairman of the Kangoh Group.

Hong Suzu (Lovestruck in the City, Be;twin) as Na Hyewon, an ambitious woman with a troubled past and aspirations of a bright future.

The Impossible Heir is written by Choi Won (Roman Holiday) and directed by Min Yunhong (Missng: The Other Side, Insider).

Synopsis: Born into an impoverished single parent household with nothing but his good looks and charm, Kang Inha is ravenous for success. Determined to make something of himself, no matter the cost, Inha discovers that his father is the chairman of the hugely successful Kangoh Group and leaves his life of poverty behind. Shunned by the rest of his new family, Inha partners with his intellectually gifted friend Han Taeoh, hatching a plan from a young age to take over the company and seize their spots at the top of society. Realizing success early on, the pair steadily begin their ascent until an equally ambitious woman with a similarly troubled past threatens to derail their plans forever.

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