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Unmasked: Korean Investigative Thriller Debuting on Disney+

by Neil Bui

Unmasked is an edge-of-your-seat Korean thriller coming in the second half of 2024 onto Disney+ (Hulu in the United States). The series will focus on an investigative news team crossing the point of no return and being given one last chance to save their careers.

Synopsis: After years of alienating advertisers by breaking some of the country’s biggest and most contentious news stories, an investigative news team’s days are numbered after broadcasting an exceptionally controversial story. With time running out on their careers, the team are challenged to accomplish the impossible if they want to save their jobs – solve a twenty-year-old cold case involving a famous actor who disappeared without a trace.

As an entertainment journalist, it’s exciting to see a new series that focuses on the profession itself, albeit with some glitz and glam added through the filmmaking to make for quality television, but nonetheless I’m also interested in seeing the similarities and differences (if any) when it comes to journalism in the country of Korea. The premise of the series is certainly attention grabbing with a twenty-year-old unsolved case and pressure of being the ones to solve it in order to save their careers. Additionally, I am curious what exceptionally controversial story would have put the main characters in this situation to have their jobs on the line like this.

The series stars Kim Hyo Soo (Signal, Smugglers) as tenacious presenter Oh Soryong and Jung Sungil (The Glory, Our Blues) as rookie producer Han Do. Unmasked is written by Gi Ryang and directed by You Sundong (The Uncanny Counter).

Catch Unmasked on Disney+ (Hulu in the United States) later this year. It’s sure to be another addition to must-watch Korean storytelling on Disney+/Hulu such as Moving and A Shop For Killers.

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