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DC Comics: WarnerMedia/HBO Max Can Adapt Final Crisis

by Eric Brown

Zack Snyder’s Justice League has landed on HBO Max, and now the gates are open to doing DC Comics’ Final Crisis.

From 2019-2020, CW offered a somewhat underwhelming Crisis on Infinite Earths Crossover TV event, with some fans wanting more on a scale that can’t be accomplished on TV Budget.

But with the rise of streaming and the overall response fans have given the Snyder Cut, it is interesting to see if HBO Max will take one more plunge and adapt Final Crisis with Ray Porter’s Darkseid being the main villain.

In Zack Snyder’s Justice League, Darkseid has been searching for the Anti-Life Equation to give him total control of the Multiverse. Remember that, THE MULTIVERSE, not just the DCEU, and upon discovering it to be on Earth, he plans to send the armada in a sequel that likely won’t happen.

WarnerMedia has publicly stated it won’t restore the SnyderVerse, but they can make it mean something else: Final Crisis.

To give context, Final Crisis is a crossover storyline that appeared in comic books published by DC Comics in 2008, primarily the seven-issue miniseries of the same name written by Grant Morrison.

But with the advent of HBO Max, they can give it a much more enormous scope, including everything from DCTV and Film throughout the years, much like a fan-made trailer by UltraSargent, DocFlashPoint, and El Edits that included almost every hero ever adapted to TV and Film in their spin of Crisis on Infinite Earths.

In CW’s Crisis, they canonized the DCEU as part of the DC Multiverse, which could mean Darkseid is just as involved but likely wasn’t affected by the crisis due to being a New God, beings of New Genesis, and Apokolips that exist outside of the DC Multiverse. In the New 52, Darkseid has a history with The Anti-Monitor, as showcased in Darkseid War.

Darkseid wants to gain control of Anti-Life that will grant him absolute totality over The Multiverse.

The only things that stop this from happening are WarnerMedia’s stubbornness and budget, as this would be on a scale unseen.

I talked with some friends on Twitter about the idea and brought up how the animated series of DC Comics could be included.

While I doubt they’ll do it, they can still include ALL the cartoons in a cameo-like the TMNT 2003 + 90s crossover animated movie where Shredder reveals that he and the turtles are destined to fight forever across all realities and shows images of every version, both live-action and fictional TMNT movies and cartoons.

One of my buddies even brought up how Mortal Kombat, owned by WarnerMedia, could join a Final Crisis as they’ve interacted with the DC Universe in MK vs. DC video game.

I would be all for a massive epic like a multi-million dollar budgeted Final Crisis to get adapted to the HBO Max streaming platform featuring virtually every property of the DC Universe; it just comes down to WarnerMedia and HBO Max willing to make that leap of faith.

Just Remember, Darkseid Is…The End.

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