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What’s New: Hit-Monkey, The Penguin, Lord of The Rings, The Front Room

by Neil Bui

Pop culture is a never-ending world of updates, teases, trailers, and hopefully releases. What’s New Wednesday is Dorkaholics’ way to keep us all up to date with what’s new across comics, tv, film, games, and more! This week, the focus is on Hit-Monkey, The Penguin, Lord of the Rings: The War of The Rohirrim, and The Front Room.

  1. Hit-Monkey Season 2: First Look Images

Based on the first look images for the second season of Hit-Monkey, the animated series looks just as wacky and fun as ever as we follow Monkey and Bryce on their journey throughout the Big Apple.

Release Date: On Hulu on July 15, 2024

Synopsis: In New York City, Monkey finds a path to escape his life of killing, while Bryce attempts to repair the damage to those he wronged in life. But what will it cost them to undo the past?

  1. The Penguin: Official Trailer 2

As epic as the return of Colin Farrell as The Penguin in series about him attempting to rise in the criminal underworld of Gotham sounds, I’m actually more excited to see The Mother from HIMYM (Cristin Milioti) step into the DC Universe as Sofia Falcone, daughter of Carmine (John Turturro). I wonder if she’ll be more friend or foe to The Penguin. And for those who forget, technically she’s sisters with Selina Kyle based on the events of The Batman.

P.S. Cristin Milioti is also voicing Iris in the previously mentioned Season 2 of Hit-Monkey.

Release Date: On Max on September 2024

Synopsis: Following the events of The Batman, Oswald Cobblepot, a.k.a. The Penguin, makes a play to seize the reins of the crime world in Gotham.

  1. Lord of The Rings: The War of The Rohirrim: First Look Images

Lord of The Rings fans are eating well! A second season of The Rings of Power is coming to Prime Video at the end of this August and now there’s an animated feature coming to theaters at the end of the year. From these first look images below, the art style feels modern and vibrant, even resembling an anime aesthetic, similar to My Adventures with Superman.

Release Date: In theaters on December 13, 2024

Synopsis: Set 183 years before the events chronicled in the original trilogy of films, “The Lord of the Rings: The War of the Rohirrim” tells the fate of the House of Helm Hammerhand, the legendary King of Rohan. A sudden attack by Wulf, a clever and ruthless Dunlending lord seeking vengeance for the death of his father, forces Helm and his people to make a daring last stand in the ancient stronghold of the Hornburg—a mighty fortress that will later come to be known as Helm’s Deep. Finding herself in an increasingly desperate situation, Héra, the daughter of Helm, must summon the will to lead the resistance against a deadly enemy intent on their total destruction.

  1. The Front Room: Official Trailer

Despite touching upon “horrors” such as a religious mother-in-law who is also racist, I feel like The Front Room is going to make me laugh more than scared. It’s also hard to see Kathryn Hunter as someone else besides her character in Poor Things.

Release Date: In theaters on September 6

Synopsis: Everything goes to hell for newly-pregnant Belinda (Brandy) after her mother-in-law (Kathryn Hunter) moves in. As the diabolical guest tries to get her claws on the child, Belinda must draw the line somewhere…

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