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A Very Good Girl: Meet Actresses Kathryn Bernardo and Dolly de Leon

by Neil Bui

Leading up to the release of the film, A Very Good Girl, Dorkaholics’ very own Andrew Nguyen had an opportunity to interview the lead actresses of the film, Kathryn Bernardo and Dolly de Leon.

What do you think about these films coming over to the United States and what the US film industry can learn from movies like A Very Good Girl?

Dolly de Leon: I think it’s something to be really proud about. We’re just so over the top with excitement about being here and for the American audience to watch the film and we hope that they just learned that we have a lot to offer. And that we’re very talented people and we just want to share our stories with them, and we hope that they also appreciate the film.

Kathryn Bernardo: We hope that this will open doors to showcase more contents like this especially [because] it’s Filipino made so we are representing the Philippine film industry. It’s a big thing for us, we are just very grateful and this whole experience is pretty amazing.

The film is centered around seeking vengeance and I think seeking vengeance for any character, they kind of lose focus about everything that’s around them and just are pinpoint on wanting to get the mission done. Did you feel like there were any changes to you as an actress or even as a person reading the scripts, working alongside [each other] and performing as well, too?

Dolly de Leon: I think that in everything I do there’s always a change that happens to me, especially as [an] actor and also as a person. I always learn a lot from people I work with and on this set we worked with a very young director, Petersen Vargas, so I learned a lot from him and I always have a very special experience when the filmmaker is young. It’s really a special experience because they bring a lot of fresh ideas to the table and they have a very special and unique way of working. That’s so exciting and they really encourage us to be adventurous and look for other ways of doing things.

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