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What’s New: New Initiative by Netflix + Trailers

by Neil Bui

Pop culture is a never-ending world of updates, teases, trailers, and hopefully releases. What’s New Wednesday is Dorkaholics’ way to keep us all up to date with what’s new across comics, tv, film, games, and more! This week, the focus is on new trailers for Ant-Man, How I Met Your Father, and a new initiative by Netflix!

  1. Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania New Second Trailer Released

Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania, has a new trailer out with the film a mere weeks away from its theatrical release on February 17, 2023.

This time the initial dialogue is from Jonathan Majors’ big bad Kang the Conqueror which feels much more apprehensive, in contrast to the more light-hearted and hopeful tone of the first trailer that highlights the grander scale of the film.

“You’re an interesting man, Scott Lang. You’re an Avenger. You have a daughter. But you’ve lost a lot of time, like me. We can help each other with that.,” Kang says to Ant-Man.

“Who are you?”

“I’m the one man who can give you what you want.”

“What’s that?”


Then the trailer cuts away to Janet Van Dyne voicing her distrust of Kang, given that she is more familiar due to her time spent in the Quantum Realm.

“He can re-write existence and shatter timelines,” she says. “You cannot trust him.”

But Scott is willing to overlook the bad for the opportunity that Kang is able to provide him, in reference to the time he lost between the last two Avengers films.

“I don’t care who this guy is. I just lost so much. He can give us a second chance.”

  1. How I Met Your Father: Season 2 Trailer Released

A new trailer for the second season of How I Met Your Father has been released.

From what the trailer features, audiences can expect the second season to continue bringing the same heartwarming but exciting feeling of being young and figuring life that the first season brought.

Watch Season 2 of How I Met Your Father January 24 on Hulu with new episodes out on Tuesdays.

  1. ‘Netflix Created By Initiative’ for for Underrepresented Writers

Netflix has launched a new initiative to continue their commitment to increase representation across the entertainment industry, the Netflix Created By Initiative, which offers script development deals to 14 talented mid-level film and series writers. Research has indicated that better representation behind the camera can lead to better representation in front of the camera.

In order to identify these writers, Netflix worked with six major organizations leading efforts to create access to underrepresented creators within the industry: The National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC), CAPE (Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment), Native American Media Alliance, The Black TV and Film Collective, Outfest and Inevitable Foundation.

The Netflix Created By Initiative is intended to set up underrepresented and historically excluded talent for success beyond the writers’ room with the opportunity to go through the studio development process, polish projects alongside Netflix executives from series and film teams, and be invited to participate in a showrunner training lab designed to provide the essential skills to successfully run a Netflix series.

Learn about the 14 writers in the group here.

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