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How to get started with trading cryptocurrencies

by Neil Bui

First thing first – you need to educate yourself on how to trade, so take 0.05 BTC and try to make that into 1 BTC by following some advice given here. It is not that hard, I have seen someone start with $50 and go to $1K. I believe anything is possible in trading cryptocurrencies.

You will use that 0.05 BTC for trading cryptocurrencies, whether you take some or all from the 0.18 BTC or you sell some, that’s on you.

If you’ve got any steady flow of income keep putting it in long-term holds while trying to build up that 0.05 BTC for trading.

As far as trading strategies, there are several approaches. I will highlight two very different ones that are the main ones for this guide.

(1) Little by little each day/week, flipping coin after coin. This is where you enter into a coin that is low, sell it for 30-40% profit and move on to another coin that is low and do the same. You can generally nail 1-2 of those coins every 10 days so your portfolio can grow exponentially. However, you need to be on the charts all day and it’s very exhausting if you do not have the time.

(2) Buy into a coin that has good fundamentals, is preferably low in price and has events & news coming for it rather soon (in a month or two or less). This can net you anywhere from x2-3 to x20-30 gains depending on the coin and how low you’ve gone in. This, on the other hand, does not require a lot of daily hustle. What it DOES require however is a lot of preliminary research and weeding out of shitcoins. You need to scan the entire market, thousands of coins potentially. There are ways you can cut off many of the coins and focus on key ones every month through tools and news sites and Reddit threads, etc. It is extensive work up to the point you decide to buy. Once you’re in, you just sit back, relax and wait for the pumping to take you to heaven.

Good luck investors and may your lives of trading cryptocurrencies be filled with high returns.

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