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HELP! My Friend is on a serious Yu-Gi-Oh! Kick!

by Mike Pinkerton
Part 2 of MVP Week - Yu-Gi-Oh!

Part 2 of MVP Week – Yu-Gi-Oh!

HELP! My Friend is on a serious Yu-Gi-Oh! Kick!

So, you probably remember Yu-Gi-Oh. with the Yu-Gi’s, and the Oh’s, and the Japanese high school student with a Brooklyn accent. You probably remember that cool noise that’d come on whenever someone lost life points, and believing in the Heart of the Cards, and that’s probably about it.

But, you probably didn’t know that there are still tournaments. And you can’t even use Monster Reborn in your deck. And it’s not as overdramatic as the tv shows, and nobody sends people to the shadow realm, for better or for worse. No seriously, there are some sick fucks at Yugioh tournaments.

So, I’m currently helping my friend Devin Brown cope with his Yu-Gi-Oh kick. He’s watching the cartoon again, downloading apps, playing card games on motorcycles, everything. We’re 1 to 1 so far, I figured out how to undermine one of his top deck strategies, and drank a Fresca way too quickly.

It’s time to dd-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-duh-duel.

I mean, is it any worse than that guy who’s on a vape kick? Or the guy who’s addicted to Battlefield? Well maybe. I mean, we are talking about a card game based on a shonen manga. If you don’t know what shonen means, it’s literally “few years,” in Japanese. But specifically, it refers to a genre of manga and anime, and other stuff as well, intended for elementary school and middle school aged males in Japan. Or mal-adjusted elementary school and middle school aged males in the US. Who eventually grow up into people like me, or Devin. Or probably you, since you’re reading this.

Get to know Devin in Part One of Mike Very Pinkerton Week – MULTIVERSE WARFARE!!!!!! Stay tuned for more all this week, something new everyday. You’re bound to read something you’ll enjoy.

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