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by Mike Pinkerton

Multiverse Warfare is a RPG based on Spacebattles.com, run by my personal friend, Devin Brown, who has been running multiple games on the same site, usually based around multiple universes, and multiple military factions, duking it out for supremacy of the multiverse. Now, he’s revamped his system, and working on his newest project.


It’s kinda sorta like this

MP: What were your original ideas behind “Multiverse Warfare?”
DB: That goes back a long time. Originally, I created something called Multiversal Conquest, which was going to be an RP (Role Playing game on Space Battles), text-based, where multiple players who would create an army, from different franchises, settings, universes, you know, and then each of those settings would have their own settings. So there were a couple planets from Star Wars (Empire has Coruscant and Tatooine), or a couple planets from an anime series, then different players would fight for control of these locations.
Originally, we were gonna create unique stats for every single unit used in the game. But at that point there were way too many units, which was too tedious for most players, and it ended up killing Multiversal Conquest.
So then, what happened was I tried to retool it a couple of times, but it never came together until my latest project, Multiverse Warfare.

Multiverse Warfare is much simpler than Multiversal Conquest; instead of unique stats for each unit, units are grouped into “tiers,” which determine the price of each unit. To keep things simple, only one faction is allowed from each setting or franchise, and each player plays as one faction, instead of mixing settings.

MP: Has that turned off any players from Multiversal Conquest?

DB: It hasn’t seemed to. There are fewer players on Multiverse Warfare, but I think that’s because it’s a newer game.

MP: How many people are currently playing it? Who do you think are the top players right now?

DB: Currently 16 people have pledged to join, and are prepping to enter the game, but only 6 have completed their forces and are currently in game.


It’s kinda sorta like that.

The top players currently are:

-searcher8, playing as the Mobile Infantry from Starship Troopers.
-Eldritch Sukima, playing as the Fleet of Fog, from Arpeggio of Blue Steel.
-tri2, playing as the Xenomorphs from the Alien series.
-sigmatw, playing as the Hyperion Corporation from Borderlands.
-harribo, who’s the most active player, playing as the Protoss from Starcraft.

MP: Is he from Korea?

DB: It doesn’t say.

MP: How many factions are there in the game?

DB: Currently, there are 38 factions, and still growing.

MP: All from different worlds?

DB: Yes. However, there’s only one faction allowed from each universe.

MP: Could the Doctor’s companions count?

DB: I think the amount of plot shielding would make them invincible. Did you know there’s an in-universe deity looking over the Doctor?

MP: Are you talking about the BBC?
DB: (Laughs) It’s in the books, so it’s way into the expanded universe.
(Before Multiverse Warfare and Multiversal Conquest, Devin was working on The Fleet Tournament 2.0 for the past 7 months, and before that, the Fleet Battle Tournament since November 2015.)
The Fleet Tournament 2.0
DB: In Star Wars, most cannons mounted on ships are measured in megatonnes, while in Battlestar Galactica, guns are measured in Kilotonnes. So, a Star Destroyer would blow up a Battlestar in one shot, instantly.

What I did in order to equalize that, since in both universes, (Battlestars and Star Destroyers) play a similar role, so I created stats for every single ship in the tournament. These stats reflect the ships’ in-universe performance, as opposed to their fluff or lore numbers.


Devin Brown, pictured next to some rich jerk.

(We have paused the interview because we’re also watching Young Justice. I’ll finish it after this episode. Devin has just had one of the major plots of season 2 spoiled for him. But it’s been like 3 years now.
If you haven’t seen Young Justice, we’d both recommend it.)

MP: What’s the direction you want to take Multiverse Warfare?

DB: I just wanna have an ongoing game, where people can come and enjoy themselves, and provide me with entertainment of course, because I love running it.
I’m hoping to take the formula and set something up with original content and monetize it, so I can create my own game, and perhaps an app somewhere along the lines of Pokemon Go or Ingress, involving different teams like Niantic’s games, but instead of collecting Pokemon or Ingress’ mechanics, you would buy units to build an army, and wage control of different points worldwide.

Oh, you know what it’s like.

(Multiverse Warfare is free to play on spacebattles.com)

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