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Photography: My Return and Improving

by Neil Bui

One of the hobbies I’ve neglected but would like to return to and improve in is photography. I first bought a Canon T1i because I wanted to take photos of cosplayers at the events I attend. After a year, I wanted to also break into videos and upgraded my camera to Canon T3i and bought a microphone.

A sample of my photography from February 2017.

A sample of my photography from February 2017.

On the recommendation of a friend of mine, Anthony (@apham15), I purchased a 24-70mm lens:

“24 is wide enough for landscape shots, and 35, 50, 70 are covered for portraits. That’s why [you] won’t need another lens.”

When it finally arrives home, I plan on making the most of it and shooting on a regular basis now that I’m living in Koreatown with a nice rooftop patio view.

Photography Challenges

  • Shutter Speed: Stick to using only one shutter speed for a week
  • Zoom: Zoom during a long exposure to create a meaningful effect
  • Stop Chimping: Practice not checking every photo immediately after capture
  • Black and White: This one is self-explanatory
  • Aperture: Like the Shutter Speed challenge, but apparently much more difficult.

Check back in here soon, I’ll be posting my images on Instagram as well as here (just like I did for Coachella 2018).

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