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Nightmare Superman ports into Infinite Crisis

by Stephen Huynh

Nightmare Superman is the latest Champion to join Infinite Crisis, the free-to-play MOBA inspired from the DC Universe. There’s nothing really new to his kit, minus his passive, but I am surprised that he was intended to be played as a support champion, maybe because it’s Superman. But, nonetheless, I’m all for more viable, fun and creative supports!

Dozens of Phantom Zone portals appeared across Metropolis, pouring out hundreds of howling phantoms. Superman, wearing an ecto-suit built by his father, flew through a portal and met Aethyr, a being who’d slumbered for eons in the Zone. Superman defeated the beast, but was infested with unearthly Phantom Zone energy in the process. Worse yet, while he battled Aethyr the people of Metropolis were transformed into phantoms. The revelation shattered Superman’s fractured mind, and ever since, he’s wandered the city, mourning for the city he failed to protect.

Check him out in the video down below!

Here’s a quick look at his ability kit:
Passive: Possession – Possesses the enemy champion who dealt the killing blow, revealing them and reducing their attack and power armor for a few seconds. If the possessed enemy champion is killed within the allotted time, Nightmare Superman is revived with health equal to a % of his possessed enemy’s max health.
Q: Phantom Collect – Summons a phantom in the distance that deals power damage and steals power armor from each enemy champion on hit as it returns to him.
W: Vortex – Creates a warp of phantom energy (aoe) that reduces enemy movement speed and after a delay, collapses, pulling all enemies towards its center, dealing power damage.
E: Siphon – Deals strong power damage to enemies, bounces, and gives allies a shield.
Infuse – Grants allies a strong shield, dealing moderate power damage to enemies.
R: Condemn – Traps an enemy champion with Phantom energy, temporarily making them unable to move and unable to use skills. Condemn also suppresses the target, making the duration immune to resilience. If an enemy dies while trapped, the prison explodes and reduces the move speed of all nearby enemies.

Infinite Crisis is now in Open Beta, and players can sign up at InfiniteCrisis.com to start playing right away!

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