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Lethal Company: The Hot New Horror Game

by College and Career Advantage

Lethal Company is a new, first-person multiplayer/co-op horror game made by Zeekerss.

This game takes place in a retro futuristic post-apocalypse where you are assigned as employees and you are working “The Company” which tasks you with collecting scrap from abandoned structures (referred to as “moons”) while having to avoid traps, environmental hazards, and monsters.

Each different piece of “scrap” or item has a different item value that it is worth. This value is important because you need to fill a quota of a certain amount of money, which is assigned from The Company.

You have 3 days to fill this quota, and if you fail to meet the quota, you will get fired and ejected out of the aircraft into space. If you go over the quota, you are rewarded the extra money to buy different pieces of equipment such as flashlights, radios, flashbangs, and a whole bunch of other stuff.

You buy these things from the console on your ship and they are delivered to you by a small rocket that lands on the moons that you are on right next to the ship. The HUD in the game shows stamina level and weight carried.

The stamina can be depleted by sprinting, swimming, and carrying objects.

The game has a fine balance between risk and reward, with a focus on exploration, survival, and strategy filled with intense situations. It is not only known for being scary, but it also has very funny moments in combination with the top tier proximity chat.

I definitely recommend this game, because it has been the most fun that I had in a while while playing with friends. Lethal Company only $10 on Steam and you should convince your friends to get it so you can play with them.

By Mateo Galitzen, Laguna Beach High School, Class of 2025

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